Patrick BroeBaraboo, WI native and marketing major Patrick Broe is looking back on his time at WSU with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

He knew the moment he walked on campus during his tour that Winona State held a sense of community essential to his learning. His instincts were right, “At WSU you are not just a student. You are part of a tightly knit family.”

Broe feels very lucky to have been the Program/Sports Director and the voice of Winona State Football for KQAL, the student radio station in Winona. A favorite part of his overall WSU experience, Broe says, was that “it gave me a community, confidence, and a true understanding of my own voice.”

His learning went well beyond books, “No moment is as important as the next one. Resting on your laurels is a recipe for disaster, WSU made me take accountability in my own growth, and allowed me to understand that failing at something is just an opportunity to learn.”

Along the way he learned to balance his time while becoming involved in activities, maintaining his grades, and carving out a social life, something he feels he did well at over time.