Winona State is joining the Minnesota State System in making the switch to Workday, our new platform for Finance and HR activities.

A big change like this can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry. We’re here to make sure our campus community is Ready for Workday.

We’ve put together a quick reference guide showing the timelines and deadlines you’ll need to be aware of. We’ll keep the updates coming as we get more info from the system transition team on other areas of Workday implementation.

If you can, please wrap up your end-of-year clean-up tasks or purchasing needs before June rolls around. July 1 is our big go-live day for Workday, and while we’re aiming for a seamless transition, June might be a bit bumpy as we adjust to the new system.

We’re basing these dates on the latest info from the system-level Workday transition team. We’ll communicate any changes as we continue to work closely with the transition team and fine-tune these dates.

Mark those calendars, and let’s be ready for Workday!

Workday Finance Cutover Timeline

The transition from ISRS to Workday began on April 19. All departments should review and verify that all requisitions/purchasing orders (POs), receipts, vendor invoices, business expenses, and customer billings are prepared for final processing.

All requests not meeting the listed deadlines will be processed in Workday after July 1.

Your cooperation in meeting these deadlines is necessary and greatly appreciated. These dates are subject to change based on the requirements of Workday implementation activities.

Please direct your questions to

To Do


ISRS-Workday transition activities begin April 19.

  • Reconcile open and pending POs.
  • Prepare POs, invoices, and travel expenses for final processing.
May 17
Petty cash requests must be processed. May 22
1400 forms must be submitted in WarriorSpace and approved. May 29
Requisitions for FY24 purchases must be entered and approved in Marketplace. (This includes RFP/sealed bids and purchases that require multiple quotes.) May 29

Invoices for services provided by Winona State to external customers must be finalized and mailed to customers.

Review all income contracts and submit requests for customer invoices as soon as the services are complete.

This also impacts the PSEO by Contract and Concurrent Enrollment billing for Spring 2024.

May 31
Employee business/travel reimbursements must be submitted and approved. (Anything received after this date will be processed after July 1.) June 4
Purchasing cards will be shut off administratively. June 4 (end of day)
No purchasing card transactions allowed. June 5 – July 1
Departments must review and/or close open POs. June 10
All goods and services must be physically received. Provide invoices to Accounts Payable and enter receipts into Marketplace. (Any items received after this date will need a new FY25 PO after July 1.) June 10
Any FY24 Marketplace POs that have not been closed will be canceled. June 10
FY24 local field orders with invoice attached must be submitted and approved. June 10
Student reimbursements with receipts attached must be submitted and approved. June 10
Lockout period for Marketplace requisitions/POs. June 10 – July 1
Final Marketplace check run. June 11
Approved contracts must be fully executed. June 14
Workday launches at Winona State. July 1