You’ve probably seen the dates we’ve shared to help you prep for the switch to financial tools in WorkdayBut guess what? Workday isn’t just about finances—it’s got our Human Resource needs covered too. 

Workday’s Human Resources module (aka Human Capital Management), is rolling out on July 3. Here’s the scoop on what you need to know about Winona State’s HR timelines and deadlines. 

Workday Human Resources Cutover Timeline

Check out the details on mandatory Workday training, plus important dates for recruiting, new hires, summer assignments, and more. These timelines are all based on info from the Minnesota State system-level Workday transition team and the system HR division.  

We’ll keep you in the loop with any updates. 

To Do


Faculty summer course assignments with a start date through July 2 must be loaded in FWM.

Contact Human Resources to discuss any pending summer assignments.

May 13

Cabinet must review and approve a position requisition.

Please review the HR Cutover Plan file for more details on position requisitions that have been completed and approved by Cabinet before, on, or after this date.

May 28

No new hires or rehires allowed with start dates during this period.

Please review the HR Cutover Plan file for more details on new hires or rehires who are starting either this summer or this Fall.

May 30 – July 2
Frontline Conference attendees should submit for expense reimbursement. May 22-23

Contact Human Resources regarding organization structure changes prior to this date.

Requested changes that are received on or after this date will be implemented after July 3.

May 31

Job changes effective.

Anticipate no impact to compensation or benefits.

June 4

Insurance eligibility changes effective during this period.

Employees should see no delay in insurance eligibility.

June 4 – July 2
Employee separation payouts should be received. June 4 – July 2

Reallocations completed.

There may be a delayed change in compensation. Anticipate any retro pay to be included in July 26 paycheck.

June 19 – July 2

Progression increases, where applicable.

There may be a delayed change in compensation. Anticipate any retro pay to be included in July 26 paycheck.

June 19 – July 2

Across the Board (ATB) increases, where applicable.

Anticipate no delay in ATB pay increases.

July 1

Employees must enter all leave requests for days beyond this date into Workday.

This includes requests that have already been approved in ISRS.

July 2
Supervisors reapprove leave requests beyond this date in Workday. July 2
All employees must verify their leave balance from June 18 transferred correctly to Workday. July 3