We’ve already shared details and instructions about how to prepare for the switch from ISRS to Workday.

Please be extra careful that there are some lockout dates coming up where purchasing, P-Card transactions, and reimbursements will be on pause. You will not be able to use your P-Card, seek reimbursements, or make purchases during this time.

Check out the Finance Cutover Timeline (PDF) for more details.

Quick Reminders

  • Plan ahead! June is the month to get all your purchasing needs sorted.
  • Workday goes live on July 1. We’ll hopefully be back in business and able to start processing transactions.
  • It’s better to tackle any purchasing or end-of-year clean-up sooner rather than later.

We know that there will be disruptions as we transition, but we’ll get through it together.

If anything changes, we’ll keep you in the loop. Questions? Shoot them over to purchasing@winona.edu.