Professor Emeritus Jim Eddy will be honored with the Distinguished Faculty Award at the 2013 Winona State University Awards of Distinction as part of the school’s Homecoming celebration.

Each year WSU and the Alumni Society recognize individuals for their outstanding commitment to the university, its mission and to improving our world. The Distinguished Faculty Award recognizes WSU faculty or staff who have elevated the esteem and prestige of the university through their commitment to the university and all of its constituent groups.

Eddy taught political science at Winona State for 30 years. He specialized in international relations and U.S. foreign policy, but he taught nearly every course offered in his department during his time with the university. Much of his efforts were focused on the environment and passive recreation, as well as lobbying for faculty associations.

Prior to joining WSU, Eddy served as an enlisted Marine from 1953 to 1956 and earned his Bachelor of Science from St. John’s University and his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He was commissioned a Captain in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1965—the same year he started at WSU—and retired as a Major in 1978. The Marine Corps has been a large part of Eddy’s life.

Since his retirement, Eddy has remained active in the community. He has stayed involved with the Minnesota Marine Art Museum and local Marine Corps endeavors such as Toys for Tots, and with many veteran organizations such as American Legion, Hiawatha Valley Marines and the Marine Corps Foundation. Eddy has also been an active part of the Political Science Association, the Parks and Trail Council of Minnesota, Southeast Minnesota State Parks Association, and Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge.

While serving as president of the Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge, Eddy saw the completion of the master plan for the refuge. He also implemented an outreach and networking program reaching from Savannah, Ill., to Wabasha, Minn. He was the Top Devil Dog of Hiawatha Valley Marines for six years, during which the Toys for Tots program was fully implemented.

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