Becoming aware of diversity on campus can be helpful in understanding different perspectives in today’s world. One way to do this is to look into the various clubs on campus and what they are all about.

By understanding diversity you are able to create a wider conversation and expand your knowledge.

Places on campus like the KEAP Diversity Center, for example, creates a safe space and an inclusive atmosphere for diverse persons, organizations and groups.

The KEAP Center also works closely with various cultural clubs that include the Asian American Club, Muslim Student Association, Hillel-Jewish Student Organization, Somali Student Association and more (WSU also has a variety of faith-based clubs open for students to join).

In addition, the Inclusion & Diversity Office offers a collection of programs for the campus and community.

The annual International Dinner at WSU represents and celebrates diversity in the community.

The annual International Dinner at WSU represents and celebrates diversity in the community.

A lot people aren’t aware of the opportunities WSU offers to create a more inclusive campus and embrace the diversity in the student population.

Residence life reaches to create more opportunities for students to attend diversity events on campus. These events include speakers, films, discussions and more.

Kate Ernste, one of the resident assistants on campus, attended the showing and discussion of the film “The Murder of Emmett Till.” She said she learned about the Civil Rights movement, something everyone should educate themselves on.

For students who live on campus, Housing and Residence Life does a great job advertising presentations and opportunities on campus on floors of the residence halls, and sending out newsletters every week to let students know what is happening on campus.

Becoming involved and being able to hold discussions around diversity with a deep understanding will strengthen relationships and allow you to learn a lot about others and the world we live in today.