Spring break flew by and I know most of us wish it was at least a little bit longer. But, to look on the bright side, we have less than two months of the semester left!

This week we might not have much motivation since we were away from campus for over a week. It’s time to get back in the swing of classes and your normal schedules and routines. It might not be easy, but with a few of these pointers you should be set.

1. Stay productive

I’m a huge fan of making a list of school and non-related school tasks. Check them off as you go, and try your best to stay ahead. You might have some overwhelming moments while getting caught up and back to your everyday obligations, but you can do it!

2. Focus on what’s ahead

Of course it’s fun to look back on all the great memories you made over break, but you can do that while thinking about what you have to accomplish next. Even though you might be stressed to the max with all the things you need to complete, it will all pay off when summer break rolls around. Work hard now and you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Stay positive

Sometimes it can be so easy to think you can’t handle the school load and everything else going on towards the end of the semester. But it’s so important to keep your head up and tell yourself you can accomplish it all. Even though the list of things to do might be piling up, if you’re wise with your time you can get your work done.

4. It’s okay to take a break after your break 

With all the things you have to, it’s still okay to treat yourself and relax during your day. Sometimes you need time to just do nothing so your mind can take a timeout from all the daily tasks and stress. So either take some time for yourself, or do something with your friends! A mental break in any way is needed at this point in the game.

Welcome back Warriors, and enjoy the rest of your spring semester!