Make sure you check this list twice before you head home for break!

Congratulations on making it thus far! Fall semester is almost over and those hurdles keeping you from returning home to your families are slowly disappearing.

Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath–you’re almost through. And remember that regardless of what happens on your next exam and no matter what grade you get in that class, you are more than enough and you’re worthy of happiness and love.

As you’re beginning to pack up for home, I would like to leave you with a few tips on how to leave your rooms check-out ready for the holidays!

1. Close your blinds

Do this and I promise you that no one will creep in your windows.

2. Unplug ALL electrical items

No one wants to come back to a burned down residence hall.

3. Turn off your lights

It’s great for the environment and you aren’t using them!

4. Empty and defrost the refrigerator

Don’t forget to leave the door open and place towel underneath to collect any moisture. Also, avoid returning to a stinky room by throwing out all perishable food items.

5. Lock your door and window

The Grinch isn’t gonna steal your Christmas…

6. Throw out all garbage and recyclables

Do you want to come back from winter break to month-old garbage? Probably not. 

7. Turn radiators/thermostat off

No need to keep it nice and toasty while you’re gone for the holidays.

8. Sign up at the front desk if you will be staying in the building for any period of time during break

I wish you all the best this coming Holiday Season!