Are you staying in the residence halls over Thanksgiving break? Many students live hours or even states away from Winona so they wait until winter break to go home.


Make the most of Thanksgiving in the residence halls by sharing a meal with your friends. Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Although missing out on grandma’s homemade pie can be a tragic loss, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve gathered my favorite recipes for those staying on-campus for making a well-rounded Thanksgiving meal. These meals exclude picky little cousins, flustered aunts, and sleepy grandparents. With the help of cooking supplies offered by the residence halls, let’s get cookin’.


Microwavable Mashed Potatoes

Instant mashes potatoes don’t live up to the Thanksgiving standards and real mashed potatoes can become a hot mess in the residence halls. Try these self-serving, microwavable mashed (and sweet) potatoes. A few ingredients is all you need!


A Turkey Substitute

Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a turkey-in-a-mug recipe. I did find a delicious and easy chicken recipe for college students though. This blogger explains the steps to cook chicken with Thanksgiving flavors, but without the hassle or high cost.


Corn in a Cup

Steer away from the difficulties of corn on the cob and drive straight into this flavorful, one-serving cup of corn. This recipe calls for only a few ingredients and it’s all done in the microwave. Exchanging corn on the cob for frozen corn is an easier buy and easier to store.


Canned Cranberry Sauce

I know many families make their own, but canned cranberry sauce still tastes great. Buying it this way is cheaper and easier too. Eating it straight out of the can means less dishes to wash and an effortless way to store it in the fridge.


Single-Serving Pumpkin Pie

Of course, you could buy pre-made pumpkin pie from Wal-Mart, but that big portion doesn’t compare to this single-serving mug pie. With simply spiced ingredients, this delicacy is sure to complete any Thanksgiving meal.


Finishing Touches

To make the meal complete, find some Pillsbury biscuits to bake and top off your glasses with some sparkling grape juice.


If you’re not able to make it home for Thanksgiving, worry no more! Cook up a hefty and memorable meal in your residence hall kitchen to celebrate Friendsgiving with your roommate.

Take this day to be thankful for who you have in your life and how far you’ve come. Turn on Charlie Brown, count your blessings out loud, and rest your head on your friends’ shoulder—this is a true Friendsgiving.