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Good luck to you new RAs, alternate RAs and next-year hopefuls!

The time has come and gone: Resident Assistant Decision Day is over. For some it was a very joyous event, but for others it may not have been what they expected. As someone who has been through this exact same process, I have a message for you whether you got the RA job or not.

For those who got RA positions…

Congratulations! You are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Being a Resident Assistant is one of the most rewarding jobs on campus in my opinion because you are in a role to impact future residents’ college careers. You have to realize that you are now a campus leader and your residents will be looking to you for help, information and friendship next year and you are fully capable of all of this.


  • Get cracking on ideas! Start thinking of events, door decs, and bulletin boards that you can do next year!
  • Get in contact with your new staff, especially the returning RAs, for helpful advice.
  • Have fun & welcome aboard the res life ship

For those who got alternate positions…

Do NOT let this get you down! There is no such thing as being “JUST” an alternate, you have a very good chance of getting a position in the next year. You have to keep your chin up and be proud that you made it that far, you put yourself out there and made it up there. You’re at the final steps to becoming an RA just keep telling yourself that!


  • Start thinking of ideas in case you get a position next year!
  • Talk to your Hall Director and ask what you can do to get more involved while waiting for a position.
  • BE INVOLVED in the Resident Assistant 1 class and show that you are willing to work just as hard as students with positions.

For those who did not receive a position…

You can’t give up! The RA process is a very competitive process and you tried your best! As a freshmen I did not receive an RA position.  Instead of getting discouraged, I met with my Hall Director and asked what I could do to improve, got more involved my sophomore year of college and now I am an RA. The key is not to give up, you are capable of this position and as long as you try your best and go at it again, anything is possible!


  • Meet with your Hall Director and see what you could do to better your chances next year, be open to any suggestions.
  • Get more involved on campus next year, take a good look at getting involved in Hall Council.
  • BE POSITIVE! You are still able to try again and improve on your results now that you know what to do!