Are all of your friends going home for Labor Day weekend? Are you feeling like you will be left by yourself with no one but your stack of textbooks to keep you busy? If that’s you, I have the perfect list of activities for you!

Here are five things you should do in Winona this weekend:

Go Coffee Shop Hopping

Honestly, coffee shop hopping is my favorite hobby, and Winona is the perfect place to do it! I can’t even count the number of coffee shops here in Winona. To learn about some of my favorites, check out this blog post about the hottest coffee shops in Winona. Also, I heard from a little birdie that Pumpkin Spice is officially offered in most coffee shops again!

Hang Out by the Lakes

Fall is upon us, folks. That means that our chances to spend time kayaking, paddle-boarding, fishing, or running around the Winona lakes are limited. After you are done coffee shop hopping, grab your cup of joe and a good book, and curl up on a blanket down my the lakes. Sounds blissful to me.

Treat Yourself to Some Ice Cream

Just as our opportunities to spend time down by the lakes are becoming fewer and fewer, so are our opportunities to get ice cream from the two best places in town: Penguin Zestos and Lakeview Drive-In. Both of these places are seasonal so be sure to check them out before they close up shop for the winter! I will let you in on a little secret…my favorite thing to order at Penguin Zestos is a chocolate ice cream cone with a toasted coconut crunch coat. It is basically German chocolate cake in a cone! Delicious!

Hike Sugar Loaf

If you have not had a chance to hike the bluffs around Winona yet, I highly recommend you try it out! If you are not one for physical activity, don’t worry! You can drive right up to Garvin Heights and still have a beautiful overlook of our island city.

Take a Nap

Seriously! Take advantage of this day off from classes and get rested up in preparation for the next few weeks ahead!

I hope this Labor Day weekend is both enjoyable and restful for all!