When people talk about the amount of coffee I consume they may say I’m an addict. They aren’t kidding. Since I have been in Winona I have successfully visited every coffee shop…more than once. Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to hang out with friends and also to study at! I love that each coffee shop is a little different and has its own unique feel to it. Here are four of my favorite coffee shops in Winona, in no particular order, that I would encourage you to check out:

Acoustic Cafe

The Acoustic Cafe has tasty food and awesome artist displays!

Acoustic Café has a very unique atmosphere that is filled with a community of artists. On the weekends there is free entertainment by local musicians and they display beautiful artwork made by local artists all around the cafe. I like Acoustic Café more for its food than its caffeinated beverages. I would definitely recommend their ice cream, sandwiches, cookies and I have heard rumors that they make a mean caesar salad! Although they provide many options for seating, their chairs are not the most comfortable. Other than that, acoustic is a great place to have lunch with friends or to study for your next test.

Mugby Junction

Mugby Junction has three locations in Winona, one conveniently right across the street from campus.

Mugby Junction is probably my favorite because they have PUMPKIN FLAVORED LATTES ALL YEAR ROUND! I’m not a crazy person; I’m just the definition of a true white girl. In addition, Mugby Junction is very convenient because they have three different locations around town. Their most popular location is right across the street from campus (451 Huff Street). This location is a great place for coffee dates with friends and has many comfortable seating options that provide a cozy, homelike atmosphere. However, this location is very popular and it can be pretty packed with people. Therefore, I would not recommend this coffee shop as a great place to study if you get distracted easily and are a people-watcher like me. Mugby Junction also has a location ON campus on the first floor of Somsen Hall! This is seriously the greatest thing ever because if you are like me and have half of your classes on the THIRD FLOOR of Somsen, you can stop in for a refreshing blended chai after you have descended from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (I may be exaggerating a little…or maybe I should hit the gym a little more). Lastly, Mugby Junction has a third location in Winona that is a little further from campus (718 Mankato Avenue). This location is awesome if you are just picking up a few groceries at Wal-Mart or Target and need a warm cup of coffee on your way back home. They even have a drive-thru at this location!

Blooming Grounds

Delicious desserts fill the glass cases in Blooming Grounds! They’re impossible to resist.

Blooming Grounds has a very fun, vintage atmosphere. There are string lights hanging from the ceiling that give the room a homelike, back patio type of feel. Blooming Grounds is awesome because they are open really late. I love going there late at night with my friends after all of my evening activities are over to grab a smoothie and a yummy dessert. Blooming Grounds also offers live entertainment on certain nights. I have yet to attend one of their events, but I have heard that they are really awesome! The only downside to Blooming Grounds is that they are farther away from campus (50 E 3rd Street). But that also makes it a little quieter, making it a great place to grab a chocolate concoction and hit the books. They also deliver on weekdays!

Blue Heron

The Blue Heron allows you to grab a tasty treat, cup of coffee and a great book all at once!

Blue Heron is the place to be! Not only is it a coffee shop, but it is also connected to a bookstore. The Blue Heron is a great place to study, hang out with friends or just read a good book with a good cup of coffee on a cold day. The Blue Heron is also a little farther from campus (162 W 2nd Street), but much like Blooming Grounds, it makes for the perfect studying environment. I would definitely recommend their butterscotch latte! Also, check out their food while you’re there. Their dessert case will make you drool, and they also have yummy sandwiches, soups, salads and more!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Winona’s must-visit coffee shops. I would encourage you to check out at least one of them, or all of them (no shame). If you happen to go to one and see a weird girl in the corner inhaling her white pumpkin latte like you wouldn’t believe, do not be alarmed; it’s probably me.

Until next time, fellow coffee lovers.

-Erin Kloepping

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Erin Kloepping

Erin is a Communications major with an emphasis in Leadership and Advocacy who is graduating in 2019. She is from Brodhead, WI and her interests include videography and foreign mission trips.

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