Prentiss Lucas

Photo by Amy Nelson ’20

Living in Prentiss-Lucas is great because it is close to Kryzsko Commons, the place to go for food and study lounges, and the academic buildings, so if you ever wake up with only five minutes before class you can still make it on time. However, one of the challenges Living in Prentiss-Lucas is a challenge when organizing the room layout with one side of the room is the sink, closets, and desks that cannot be moved. This makes it difficult to figure out the way you want to arrange your furniture and store your stuff. My roommate and I lofted our beds and the T.V. and futon are on her end of the room whereas the mini fridge and microwave are on my end. It is a challenge to get situated in the beginning, but I am used to layout now.

On every floor there is a lounge, kitchen and two bathrooms with showers. The kitchens in Lucas have a stove, sink and a microwave. The lounges are great places to do homework at night when your roommate is trying to sleep. The lounges are also used as meeting spaces for people that want a bigger area to talk or watch T.V. with their friends. There are two main lobbies in Prentiss-Lucas, one on the main floor and one in the basement. The basement is used mostly by people who watch movies after they make meals in the adjacent kitchen. Also in the basement there is the laundry room, small study rooms and a game room with a pool table and a ping pong table. The study rooms come in handy when working on group projects if the library’s study rooms are full. There is also a math tutoring center in the basement of Prentiss-Lucas. You can make and appointment or stop by, which is really convenient if you are working on homework in your room and do not understand it.

Prentiss-Lucas, like many other res halls, have different events sponsored by the RAs and anyone can go to them. One of the activities that my RA held was a spa night where we painted our nails and did each others’ makeup. It was a great way to meet new people, whether they were on my floor or friends of people on my floor. There is always great food at these activities and some of the events focus on making food. For example, guys on the fourth floor of Prentiss decorated cupcakes and girls on the fourth floor of Lucas made s’mores one night.

Back when I was trying to narrow down my choice of where to live for my freshman year, I chose Prentiss-Lucas for two reasons. One, there was a sink in each room so I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom just to brush my teeth (you wouldn’t think this is such a deal-breaker but believe me, this is such convenience!). And the other reason was because it is the most central resident hall in relation to all of the other building around campus. It is great not to have to catch a bus and worry about getting to class on time. I am glad that I chose to live in Prentiss-Lucas because of all the memories I’ve made here and people I’ve met.

–Ashley Stoffel