Sheehan Hall

Sheehan Hall is one of the tallest buildings in Winona

Towering above the rest of campus with a whole 13 floors is Sheehan Hall, and although it looks intimidating, it’s been a great place for me to begin my journey at Winona State. First off, the setup of the floors are perfect for meeting people; there are wide hallways with space to talk to people without getting in the way of others and the setup makes it super easy to communicate with people from the floors above and below you. Also the RAs here are awesome and promote tons of great events like movie nights, floor dinners, crafts, and fitness events that are open to the whole hall to attend, and I have met some of my best friends through attending these. I’ve really enjoyed branching out and meeting so many new people at college and living in a Residence Hall has definitely helped with this!

Two girls sit on a stairway landing

The open stairways make it easy to find friends and meet new people.

Some other nice features of Sheehan is that it has two nice lounges on first floor with comfy furniture and TV’s for hanging out with friends and for studying, and we also are one of the only Res Halls with a piano. In addition, we have AC in one lounge which is a nice relief during the first few weeks of classes when it’s blazing outside! Our rooms are pretty standard when it comes to size, but my roommate and I both lofted our beds so we’ve got plenty of room to hang out and have dance parties J Our closets are nice sized with lots of drawers and shelves, which is very helpful if you have a lot of clothes like me! We’ve got kitchens on every floor as well as smaller lounges with furniture, perfect for Skyping or talking on the phone without disturbing your roommate. Finally, Sheehan Hall is the center of security services on campus, so it’s nice knowing we’re one of the safest buildings on campus!

A dorm room with two lofted beds

This is the room I share with one other girl.

Sheehan Hall is just one of the many great places to live on campus, but if you’re looking for a welcoming community that will help you build great relationships and friendships, make sure to check it out.

–Theresa Lashinski