The end of the year is usually accompanied by the stress of last-minute papers, end-of-semester projects, and countless final exam cram sessions. Then, after that last day of finals, you’re suddenly moving out.

Don’t let it take you by surprise! Be prepared to move out and move on to summer. Here’s some tips to help you prepare in these last couple weeks.

1) Review the information from your floor meeting

Be sure to sign up for a cleaning contract meeting and check-out time with your RA. Also, be aware of quiet study hours during finals and informed about move-out procedures. You can reference the university-wide list of possible damage charges on the last page of the Residence Hall Policy Handbook.

2) Think ahead!

Make a plan for packing, cleaning, and checking out of your room. Try to begin before finals week in order to reduce stress. Create a checklist and set incentives (food, hammock sessions, or even naps) to reward yourself for completing each item.

3) Use your resources while you can

Take advantage of being on campus/close to campus and take care of any business you can before you move on to summer! It’s much harder to settle financial obligations or any academic hiccups when you’re not physically here on campus.

4) Finalize summer plans

What are you doing over the summer? Where are you living and where are you working? With finals quickly approaching, it’s easy to block out “life after finals.” However, it’ll sneak up on you quick. Whether you’re graduating this semester or just going home for the summer, be sure to know what’s next.

5) Enjoy the rest of your time on campus

It’s easy for us to let the stress of finals and moving out consume our lives. Take time to really enjoy the relationships, with peers and faculty, you’ve developed. For many, it will be three or four months until you’re back on campus. So, really enjoy and soak up the experiences these last weeks at WSU will bring you!