When I was a freshman in 2015, I decided to audition for the annual Dancescape performance because I knew I wasn’t ready to stop dancing. As a dance minor, I knew I wanted to jump right into the performing arts my first semester of college. It turned out to be one of my best decisions I’ve made so far in college because I met so many wonderful people and made great memories.

Then for Dancescape 2017, I decided to do something a little bit different. I became a choreographer and publicity head for the production to gain a new experience for both my PR major and dance minor.

I choreographed for several productions in high school so the ability to continue creating work in college has been incredible. Many don’t realize all the changes and revisions dances go through before putting it on the performance stage.

If you’ve always loved to dance but don’t have much experience, let me stress that no experience is necessary to participate in Dancescape. Absolutely anyone can be a dancer.


Photo by Taylor Nyman


The Dancescape cast starts rehearsals in September and it goes all the way through February with a combination of feedback, showings and meetings with the dance faculty to bring your piece to the next level.

Choreographing can be difficult, but the experience and end result is extremely rewarding. One of my favorite things about choreographing is the ability to show a story through movement because sometimes no words are needed.

My piece for 2017, “Triumph,” was about how each person has their own story and struggles in their life. These struggles can be emotionally draining and difficult to cope with, but it’s important to remember you won’t always be in those tough times. You will be okay, there is always a light at the end of even the darkest tunnels.

Art is a powerful way to express your voice. I feel so thankful for the opportunities I had to show my work as a dancer and choreographer in college.

Dancescape is a unique, fun way to bring your major and your own passions together. If you are thinking about auditioning for Dancescape, my best advice is to just go for it!


Updated by Hailey Seipel (06/27/2019)