This is the front door to Richards Hall.

This is the front door to Richards Hall.

Hello everyone!

As freshman, most, if not all students live in the residence halls. Many people do not know what to expect of living in the dorms because of how TV and movies portray college life. Unless you are in a single dorm room, students usually have one or more roommates. My freshman year I lived in Morey-Shepherd with one roommate, who I am now very close with. This year I live in Richards with another girl who I met on my floor last year.

It is important to know how to share your space, because you are always around people, which I think is one of the best parts of dorm life. Being respectful of your roommate(s) is key to getting along with them, and also making your room your own, makes it feel much more like home.

There is usually a kitchen on every floor in the residence halls, where students can bake cookies or make bigger meals if they want. Students are not allowed to have toasters in their rooms, so I use the toaster in the kitchen, as well as the oven on occasion. The front desk has pots and pans, and all sorts of cooking supplies that you can rent out with your student ID. The front desk also rents out a big selection of movies, and different equipment for playing pool and other games. My friends and I liked to rent out movies last year.

Your RA, which is the resident assistant that watches over everyone on the floor, will also set up activities and events for everyone to participate in if they choose. All in all, living in the dorms can be an awesome way to meet new friends, and participate in a community with hundreds of people your own age. In my freshman year I met all of my close friends on my floor, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

Just try to put yourself out there, and who knows who you will meet! Good luck 🙂

–Marissa Ausen

Interior of Marissa's dorm room

This is my room. Clearly, two busy college girls live here!