If you are thinking about becoming an RA, you should know that the RA process is long and stressful, but I encourage you to do your best and put your best foot forward.

You must first go to the information sessions for the position in order to get the application. As an RA myself, I can offer some helpful advice from my observations and experiences!

If you make it to the group process interviews don’t dominate the conversation. Instead, ask people what they think. Try to “mediate” the discussion, and then take it over. Also, don’t be too quiet either. Find a balance. This is one of the important skills to have when filling a position as an RA.

In addition, dress your best to interviews! Always assume that interviews are business casual for college student positions. However, try and make yourself memorable to the interviewer. Wear a bowtie! Be unique! Don’t wear boring colors, but also don’t wear super bright colors.

Personally, I wore a bowtie to both my interviews, and the people were able to remember me as “bowtie guy.” It worked in my favor!


Photo by Brooke Powell ’21


Getting involved somewhere is crucial for this position. It shows the interviewers that you are trying to be an active participant within the Winona State community. RAs have to be involved in their floor communities.

This involves taking what you learned from other clubs and organizations and applying that to your future floor. If you weren’t active before applying for the position, it may be harder to get a position.

Personally, I got involved with International Club, and that was helpful for me in getting a position!

Also, be sure to find two professional staff members that you trust as references. This is why people have always told you to get to know your professors, so you can use them to speak highly of you.

If you don’t have any currently, don’t worry. Find someone at home that wouldn’t mind helping out! In addition, you should have your current RA as a reference too.

You also can’t forget to do your research! Read and understand all the housing policies (this will help in the interview). In addition, read the job description and know the job.

Maybe ask your RA if they can tell you more about what they do – aside from the events and crafts.

When the interviews are all finished, go treat yourself to something! You DESERVE it. It’s a long process, but at the end of it, you will have learned so much about yourself.

The best advice that I can give is to be patient throughout the whole process.

Patience goes a long way, and it gives a good impression to your potential employers. If you need any other helpful tips or advice, seek out your current RA or ask your professors too! I’m sure either party would be more than willing to give you some key pointers.