Two female roommates in a dorm room

Roommates, an essential part of the college experience, but not always is the experience a good one. Whether you live in Prentiss-Lucas, Lourdes, or East Campus, you’re most likely going to have to deal with a roommate or two during your time at Winona State. Now, isn’t it annoying when your food starts miraculously disappearing? How about when they are wearing your clothes? Or when they have people over all the time?

Like it or not, you’re going to have some disagreements with your roommate, even if you are best friends, (trust me, I’ve been there). Over my years of enduring a variety of roommates I’ve learned some of the ways you should and shouldn’t deal with your problems.

Scenario 1: 

You’re roommate used the rest of your milk to make his mac-and-cheese for lunch. He never asked to use it and didn’t even offer to replace it. Instead he tosses the empty milk carton at you and says, “Hey dude, you’re out of milk!”

What you want to say is, “Are you kidding me?!” but I wouldn’t recommend that because it will probably start a fight, or he’ll think you’re being sensitive. Give yourself some time to cool off and relax, maybe it doesn’t bug you that much later, or you’ll be level headed and be able to talk to him about it later.


soda cans with handwritten lables

Nobody wants to have to label their food, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Scenario 2:

Your roommate is always around. No matter if you are doing homework, going to lunch, hanging with friends, going to a party, going to shower, cooking, grocery shopping or whatever. They have to be with you no matter what. This is a bit of a sticky situation, because I’m sure you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

The best thing to do here is communicate with them that you need a bit of space. Let’s face it– dorm rooms aren’t that big, it’s not like you can avoid your roommate all the time, so you are going to have to spend some time with them. But ask them to give you a little bit more time for yourself, but arrange a weekly hangout with them as well so they don’t feel as if you are abandoning them.


a girl touches another girl's hair while the girl is sleeping

You don’t want an experience like the movie The Roommate


Scenario 3:

That awkward moment when your roommate has a significant other, and now it’s like you don’t even exist. You find them making out in front of you, and holding hands when the three of you are in the library. Whenever they’re home, their s/o is too. Come on, you think they’d want some time apart! This scenario can also happen with other friends too, maybe there is just one person that seems to keep getting in between you two.

Well, drop subtle hints. Say something like, “Hey we should go to a movie, like a roomie day!” or “Wow [insert name] sure comes around a lot.” I’m sure they’ll get the hint, if not then ask them to sit down (just the two of you) and hash out your feelings.


a couple cuddles while a roommate is present

Because nobody appreciates being a third wheel…


No matter what, at some point during your time with you’re roommate you aren’t going to get along. Luckily Winona State encourages roommate contracts and setting prior arrangements for these kinds of situations. Also if you aren’t comfortable with confrontation, remember your Resident Assistant and Hall Director are there to help! But most importantly, just try to be honest and communicate!