One resource on campus that’s not talked about enough is the Writing Center. Like many of the other resources on campus, the Writing Center is free for students.

At the Writing Center, we can help with any part of the writing process: anything from brainstorming to research to organization. We don’t just help with English papers, either – you can bring in any writing assignment, academic or otherwise.

A Writing Center For All

One thing it isn’t, though, is a resource just for “bad” writers. Most people don’t hand in their writing without having someone look over it first, so it doesn’t hurt to have the tutors do so.

Tutors Bettering Writers for the Future

The Writing Center is made up of both undergraduate and graduate tutors. All tutors must take a Tutor Writing class before working in the Center to ensure they have the necessarily skills.

One common misconception about the Writing Center is that we will edit your paper for you. We strive to better the writer for the future rather than just better that individual paper or assignment. We can look at grammar if you’d like, but we will probably turn it into a teaching moment.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Some students are in and out of the Writing Center in just a few minutes, but for those who need a little bit more help, we stick to a 30-minute limit for sessions. Students are encouraged to make an appointment ahead of time, but walk-ins are allowed as long as a tutor is available to help. Appointments are highly recommended during the weeks before midterms and finals.

One last piece of advice is to come in with plenty of time before the assignment is due. There’s only so much we can do when your paper due in two hours!

The Writing Center is located in Minné 348, which means you’ll have to tackle the worst stairs on campus (in my opinion), but it’s worth it for the help you’ll receive. The Center is open Monday-Thursday from 9am-6pm and Friday from 9am-2pm.

Cassie Douglas ’18