It seems like the last week or two of May is an awkward and stressful time for many students who live off campus. Leases are ending, but some new leases have not started yet. Sometimes students can be left pretty much homeless.

If you are in this situation like I am, it can be a problem if you work in Winona. I am stuck between taking time off, commuting from my parents’ house and jumping between friends’ houses. But, don’t panic!

Here are some tips on handling living life as a tweener:

1. Talk to your landlord

Landlords know this is a tricky time for students and if you are nice they might work with you. My landlord said he had a garage where he let my roommate store her bigger things. They may also let you move in a little early.

2. Ask if you can contact the current tenants

One of the girls living in the house I’m moving to moved out early, so they let me move my bigger stuff over.

3. Ask your friends if you can stay with them

I know some people who are house hopping or staying with other friends until they can move into their house. It’ll be like a glorified sleepover! It’d be nice to offer making them dinner or something in exchange for taking over their couch or spare room.

4. Look into living in the dorms

Moving from an apartment to the dorms is not the ideal situation but it can be fun. You’ll get to meet new people and it can be cheaper! You can pay per day you’d like to stay in a single or double room over the summer.

5. Find a good storage unit

This will save you from moving all your stuff home and back, if that’s where you decide to live between leases. Some can be pricey, but if you do your research you can find one that is reasonably priced. Also, it’s best to look into storage units a bit in advance because they fill up fast!

6. Live at home

This might not the most ideal situation for some, but hey, it’s cheap! Plus, who doesn’t like home cooked meals nearly every night?