a bed next to a blank wall

Now here is room in serious need of a makeover!

It’s about that time of year for us all. The anticipation for the warmth and visible grass is constantly on your mind, you’re sick and tired of winter (especially those puddles of slush everywhere!) and midterms are here so you’ve run out of coffee money.

Well, I have six simple steps that you can take to add some positive light into your life.
  1. Add some decoration such as pictures, posters, postcards or a calendar to those walls. After adding in some extra pop to those bland white walls, my room instantly felt more like home!
  2. Move your desk to a different spot, perhaps against the opposite wall or closer to the bed. I moved my desk near my window so now while studying for exams, I can look at the birdies and blooming trees with the window wide open.
  3. Have a single bed? Raise it up a bit, lower it, or loft it! I used to have a pretty high bed so that I was able to store more items away, but once I lowered it I no longer had to manage a way to crawl in at 2 am, or hop down without making noise that would wake my roommate up. AND I was still able to store all those items with the advantage of keeping them hidden with a lowered bed!
  4. Speaking of roommates, discuss bunking your beds for some extra space! That extra side of the room being unoccupied could be used for a TV/Netflix area, a wall-space for the desks or just that feeling of a larger room!
  5. Organize your desk, bed, dozens of shoes, or piles of clothes to create a crisper feel! Keeping that room organized will make it much easier to locate items, and if you are kind of like me, you will have a much better feeling of getting your to-do list done!
  6. Change up the lighting with some lamps or put up a curtain for the window. Using one floor lamp rather than the overhead light creates one of the most relaxing atmospheres I could ever imagine having in my dorm room, especially when I just need to read a book or study!
A bed and a desk next to a decorated wall

With just a few additions to the walls and some rearranging of furniture, my room feels so much brighter.