Now that fall is here, pumpkins are perfect decor for any home, apartment or residence hall room.

Best of all, this craft is easy, cheap and a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.


First Things First

Pick Your Pumpkin

Find your perfect pumpkin without going far.

Bronks Gardens has a large selection of pumpkins to choose from right here in town.

Ferguson’s Orchard is just a short drive from Winona it’s a great place to begin the search —and while you’re there pick up some delicious apples!

If you’re up for it, Sekapp Orchard in Rochester offers U-pick pumpkins at their pumpkin patch. This family-owned pumpkin patch is the place to be in the fall.

There are also a few pumpkin patches along Hwy 35 in Wisconsin that might have just what you’re looking for!

Plan Your Design

Pumpkins make great canvases to let your imagination run wild. Something cute, something scary– it’s up to you!

Well, and maybe your artistic talents.

Flaming W Templates

Download and print these templates to show your Warrior Pride through pumpkin art:

You can cut out the pieces to trace an outline on your pumpkin prior to painting. Or poke holes through paper following the design edges to make carving easier.

Choose to Paint...

Don’t like to mess around with slimy pumpkin guts? Are you too clumsy to be trusted with a knife?

Painting is a great option for you. All you need is some acrylic paint in your favorite color– may I suggest purple? —and some paintbrushes. Or jazz it up with metallic paint or even glitter!

Be sure to lay down newspaper on the floor or table just in case paint splatters or spills.

...or Carve Away

If guts don’t scare you, go for the traditional route with carving. Make sure you have newspapers and a garbage bag at the ready for the mess.

Make sure that you have a sharp knife strong enough to cut through the tough rind. (Fun fact: dull knives are more dangerous

You might also want to have a vegetable peeler as well to create contrasting layers and play around with opacity.

Last but not least, light it up with an electric candle!

Now that you’re done, admire your masterpiece! 

With a little creativity and some craft supplies, you can have a fun afternoon with something to show off in the end: : a pumpkin for the doorstep, décor for your room, or maybe even some pumpkin seeds to eat!