It was my sophomore year when I applied to Health & Wellness Services for the Student Assistant Position. It was my first job in college and I didn’t know what to expect from a student worker position.

I was worried about schedule conflicts, workload, and time management.

The first few shifts dealt with training and becoming familiar with the clinic duties. Some of the clinic duties included emailing appointment reminders, patient satisfaction surveys, updating immunization records, lab runs, and clerical tasks.

However, as the weeks went by, I realized I was going to work here until I graduated. Why? Because the work environment was filled with caring professional staff that understood what it meant to be a student.

They emphasized that education came first and that it should be a student’s priority. This was important because I was a full-time student.

One of the benefits of working in a campus work setting is that there are a lot of mentors who can provide students with their knowledge about work experiences.

I’ve been able to work with Kate Hansen, the Health Promotion Coordinator. I am able to seek Kate’s professional advice on work related solutions, housing situations, and graduate school tips.

She continues to give me tasks that challenge me, allowing me to gain valuable work experience. For example, I’ve participated in staff hiring panels that allowed me to give a student’s perspective on staff that would be working for Health & Wellness Services.

All campus employment opportunities are able to work around your class schedule, club activities, and other student involvements.

I have been involved in First-Gen Warrior Club and Asian American Club. I’ve worked in hotel guest services and as an East Lake Apartment Desk Assistant periodically as I continued employment at Health & Wellness Services.

I’ve achieved a lot of personal growth and professional work skills at my own pace.

Three years later, I am still employed at Health & Wellness Services and I graduated with a degree in biology.

My position now is a little different than where I started because I was able to mold it to match my own career path. I am currently a student leader for the student workers; I handle training, scheduling, staff selection and interview processes.

Through this job, I’ve realized I enjoy working with people and the public health aspect of the clinic. I am planning to work in the public health field after graduation, and hopefully go to graduate school for it.

The experiences I have gained through my student work job makes me a strong and competitive applicant for many jobs after graduation.

It can be intimidating to apply for a campus job, but taking the leap will open up many different and beneficial opportunities to you.

You are given the chance to be a student first, and still be able to gain practical work experience. This experience will make you much more marketable in the job field and it might even help you figure out which path to follow.

— Robin Her, ’18


Updated by Madeline Schonitzer (12/23/2022)