Recently, the WSU Foundation Scholarship application process was changed and now it’s SO EASY. You’re all smart enough to get into college in the first place, so I know that you’re smart enough to give it a shot!

How do you apply to scholarships you ask? I’ll tell you.

1. Find the WSU Foundation Scholarship Website

Head over to the WSU Foundation Scholarship website on your favorite device. You could also search for “scholarships” in the Winona State University website search bar – it’s usually the first thing to pop up.

The website looks like the photo below. If you see this, you’re on the right track.

A screenshot of a web browser displaying the WSU Foundation Scholarship website at


2. Log in with Your StarID

Use your StarID and password to sign on to the system. Your StarID is the private combination of 8 numbers and letters that log you into D2L Brightspace, email and more. Example: ab1234cd.

It is NOT the 8 number long Warrior ID found on your Winona State ID.


3. Fill Out the Application Questions

The first set of questions are part of the General Application, which everyone completes. Here are some tips about how maximize your answers and set yourself apart on the general application.

If you can’t finish the scholarship application in one sitting, save your answers (or submit them) and come back whenever you’re ready to complete them. Just make sure you finish them before the deadline on Feb. 15.

Either way, be sure to save your answers as you go. The time-out period is 30 minutes so click “Save and Keep Editing” or “Update Your Application”.

The system may also ask you a few additional application questions based on your major and here is where applying gets pretty cool. The system syncs your data and automatically matches you with scholarships that you meet the criteria for and additional scholarships that may be available to you.

If you answer these extra questions, you’ll be considered for scholarships with more specific criteria. You’ll have the advantage for receiving those scholarships because most people won’t take the extra time. Check under the “Recommended” Tab to see your additional scholarship options.


And You’re Done!

After you complete the applications and save your answers, you’re done. If you’ve been awarded a scholarship you’ll receive an email to your WSU email address. OR you can just log back into the system to check the status of your application.

Contact if you need help at any step in the process.

Best of luck!