Get ready, Warriors! This year’s Homecoming Week is from October 15-22. Every year there is a theme for homecoming and this year’s theme is “All Roads Lead Home.”

All Roads Lead Home gives the chance for Warriors of all generations to come together and celebrate the impact that WSU and the Winona community have had on us. There are many traditions that are being celebrated the week of Homecoming including: Homecoming T-Shirts, Winona State Talent Show, Homecoming Coronation, Spirit Week, Medallion Hunt, Club Fair, Pep Fest, Homecoming Parade and all the athletic activities.

The amazing Homecoming Planning Committee are the people behind all of these amazing opportunities. They work hard on planning the perfect homecoming starting the first week of classes. I had the privilege of visiting with them and asking them what the “All Roads Lead Home” means to them. Here’s what they said:


Megan Sticha

Megan Sticha – Elections Chair:

This theme is probably my favorite out of the four years I have been at WSU simply because of the meaning behind it. All the people at WSU, especially the students, have one major thing in common and that is Winona is our home for four years or more. Winona is home to me because of the connections and friendships I have made during my time here in Winona and the community that makes me and the other students feel welcomed and loved. The atmosphere, whether it is on campus or walking downtown, is always a fun-loving place to be.


 Amanda Preisinger

Amanda Preisinger – Coronation and Talent Show Chair:

To me, the theme means that Winona is my home and no matter where I go I can always come back to my home in Winona.


zach finch

Zach Finch – PR/Graphics Chair:

To me the theme means that we as people come from many different walks of life, some close to Winona and some very far away. Despite the difference in distance we can all share our experiences from our own journeys at WSU — our shared home away from home.


Mollie Bortner

Mollie Bortner – Spirit Week Co-Chair:

To me, homecoming is a time for our students, alumni, and community to come together and celebrate how great Winona really is. Having pride for our school is something that brings us together during this week, like we are a WSU family. This year’s theme strives for our school to not only celebrate Winona, but also for us to show everyone that this is our home for the time that we spend at WSU.


Ciara Doenier

Ciara Doenier – Spirit Week Co-Chair:

This year’s theme is about feeling at home! Winona is considered home to many different students and our Homecoming events will embrace the feeling of home and unity.


kendra jensen

Kendra Jensen – Social Media Chair:

The theme in my eyes means that even though it may not be permanent, Winona is considered home to all students and is a place to develop life-long friendships, create cherished memories and learn new things about yourself that sometimes your real home is not able to give you. No matter where life will take you, Winona will always be held as a fond memory of a home away from home.


Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris – Parade Chair:

To me, “All Roads Lead Home” means that no matter where you are or what you are doing you will always have some place to call home that you can go back to. It may change or be the place you grew up but no matter what that place will be there waiting for you.


Danielle Wagner

Danielle Wagner – Homecoming T-Shirt Chair:

“All Roads Lead Home” means that no matter where you are from, Winona will always be a place to call home. The friends that you make here are always going to be your second family.


Marissa Roen

Marissa Roen – Pep Fest Chair:

To me, the theme means that no matter where I end up after graduation, I will always have a supportive community and home in Winona.




Do you want to be a part of the Homecoming Planning Committee next year? All returning WSU students can apply for a position. Each position is paid a small stipend at the end of Homecoming Week. Each person has multiple responsibilities that they need to fulfill. Applications for next year’s Homecoming Planning Committee are due on April 16, 2018. For more information go to: