Psst! Did you know that registration for Spring 2021 courses begins Monday, Nov. 2? Well, you do now!

Here’s a crash course on how to register with some helpful tips to give you assistance from a distance.

1. Check your registration window on eServices.

This window will tell you exactly when you can start registering for classes on eServices



Write down your assigned day and time, and set an alarm 10-15 minutes before your window opens.

2. Get your access code.

You’ll need to contact your advisor for this–but don’t worry, it isn’t that scary! When you have your access code, enter it into eServices. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask your advisor for your code because you need it in order to register.



You don’t need to enter your access code again when your registration window opens, so do this as soon as possible. Then you won’t need to worry about it later.

3. Set up your “Wish List.”

You don’t have to wait until your registration window opens to do this either. Search for any required classes that your advisor recommends or other courses you’re interested in taking, and add them to your “Wish List” by clicking on the plus-sign icon on the left-hand side of the first column.

You’ll also want to read more in-depth descriptions of these courses on the online catalog, so you’ll know what will be expected of you next semester.



If a certain class has more than one section or delivery method, add however many your schedule allows. It’s nice to have back-ups in case one section fills up before your registration window opens.

(Bonus!) Enter your classes into a free schedule maker program, so you can visually see your weekly routine. Doing this will prevent you from having any time overlap errors.

4. Check your holds on the eServices Dashboard.

If you have any holds listed, you won’t be able to register.

Reach out to the Warrior Hub if you have any questions about or need assistance with holds. If you received an email about immunization, contact Health Services (507.457.5160) as soon as possible to avoid blocking your registration. Otherwise, information on hold codes and edit codes, as well as troubleshooting methods, is available on Ask WSU.



Check this area multiple times before your registration window opens, so you don’t have any surprises the day of.

5. Update your StarID password (optional).

Your StarID password expires every 120 days, so it’s important that you keep this up-to-date. You’ll receive email notifications if you’re approaching the expiration date. As long as your password doesn’t expire near the time of your registration window, you shouldn’t need to worry about this step.



When you register, you’ll need to hand-enter your StarID password to authorize the transaction. This means your computer can’t magically plug it in for you, ​so write down your password in a secure place. And remember not to share it with anyone.

6. Review Your Plan & Register

When your registration window opens, click on “Review My Plan” to see all the courses you added to your “Wish List.”

Check the boxes next to the class(es) that you want to register. Then, click the blue button to proceed with registering.

If for some reason you don’t register the day your registration window opens, no sweat!

Registration for Spring 2021 courses is open through January 15. The Warrior Hub can help you if you run into any troubles with registration or financial aid.

Remember these helpful tips to ensure a smooth registration. Good luck, Warriors!