WSU students socially distance and wear masks in Rochester.


WSU-Rochester is ready to welcome students back for the Fall 2020 semester– whether you are continuing your classes online or joining us in person.

While we can’t predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will unfold, we are prepared to respond as circumstances change.

Help our Winona State campus community maintain a safe and healthy environment by preparing yourself for the fall semester. We are here to help you get ready to return to the classroom.

Learn how you can stay safe, stop the spread of COVID-19 and still enjoy your college experience with guidance from WSU Health & Wellness.


WSU is Ready for You


Please continue to reach out to us for assistance from a distance if you have questions or concerns that we can help address. Contact WSU-Rochester Student and Campus Services at or 507.285.7100.

Be sure to check your email for regular updates from campus. Check the website for the latest information about Winona State University’s actions to respond to the spread of COVID-19.

You can also get comprehensive “Ready for You” details and recommendations from Winona State University to help you get ready for classes and help our campus community promote public health and safety.

Check out the WSU “Ready for You” online guide



Shared Housing Off-Campus COVID-19 Guide


WSU Health & Wellness Services has put together an informative “Shared Housing Off-Campus COVID-19 Guide” to help you stay healthy and safe in this unique and challenging time. This guide provides clear recommendations on what supplies to have on hand, ways to mitigate risk, how to handle public and shared transportation, how to share living quarters with family and roommates, and what to do if you experience symptoms.

Download the “Shared Housing Off-Campus COVID-19 Guide” (PDF)

View full health information and guidance from WSU Health & Wellness



Tips for a Safe Return to the Classroom



  • If you are returning to campus in person, assume that you could come in contact with the novel coronavirus and contract COVID-19 at some point during the school year. It’s good to be prepared to take care of yourself in isolation if you do get sick in order to help prevent the further spread of the virus.  Make sure you have enough supplies to last you up to two weeks in quarantine – or isolation if you become sick.



  • Buy cleaning supplies in bulk or travel size when you can. The best way to ensure your own personal safety against COVID-19 is to have cleaning products accessible at all times– whether that’s keeping wipes in your backpack or keeping Lysol spray in your car.


  • Assemble a first aid kit to…
    • Treat minor injuries at home to avoid trips to the pharmacy and clinic
    • Help treat the symptoms of COVID if you become ill


  • Have a Plan in Place in case of becoming ill. Have an emergency contacts list of family, friends, neighbors, healthcare providers, teachers, & employers. Include resources for food and supplies. If you live alone, you might arrange to check in with a friend or relative regularly.


  • Protect your Roommates/Family: Designate in advance dishes, towels, bedding and ideally a separate bedroom and bathroom for anyone who’s ill. Ideally, healthy roommates and/or family members— and pets—should stay outside that space.
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