Student feedback is informing the WSU-Rochester strategic plan.

Update (January 2022): View the full WSU-Rochester Strategic Plan

Winona State University-Rochester continues work on our strategic planWe recently completed the analysis phase of this process, following our SWOTs survey and discussion.  

During the analysis phase, we synthesized the feedback we collected about our institutional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats along with other internal and external information.  

108 people responded to the SWOTs analysis survey to provide their feedback and share their experiences. Survey participation was 57% students, 19% faculty, 13% staff, and 11% external stakeholders.  


A pie chart shows the breakdown of SWOTs analysis suvery participation for the WSU-Rochester strategic plan.



In addition, 34 people attended a virtual open forum on January 27, 2021. Forum attendance was 53% staff, 35% faculty, 9% external stakeholders, and 3% students.  


A piechart shows the breakdown of SWOTs analysis open forum attendance for the WSU-Rochester strategic plan.



This high level of participation with our SWOTs analysis and discussion ensures that our strategic plan will be informed by a broad range of perspectives and will reflect the needs of people across campus and our community. A report of our analysis was first shared at a virtual open forum on February 19, 2021.  A public summary of this report is available here.

WSU-Rochester Strategic Plan SWOTs Analysis Public Report (PDF) 

Learn more about the WSU-Rochester strategic planning process



 “It’s close to home. Scheduling is good. There are many online classes available. Advisors are available and ready to help.” 

 Key themes: 

  • Academic excellence 
  • Strategic mindset at all levels 
  • Responsiveness to student and community needs 
  • People first mindset 
  • Strong community and workforce partnerships 
  • Convenient locations and downtown Rochester presence 



“Increase diversity of the student population and faculty.” 

Key themes: 

  • Brand recognition 
  • Space/facilities  
  • Student accessibility 
  • Resources 
  • Support staff 



“Without a doubt there are qualified faculty- and WSU is great at “courting” them. Wonderful staff are available as well.” 

Key themes:  

  • Population growth in Rochester 
  • Expansion in program delivery methods 
  • Program development  
  • Community engagement 
  • Faculty recruitment 
  • Student financial support 



Key themes: 

  • Budget and facilities challenges 
  • Disconnect with administration 
  • Competition with other regional and online universities 
  • Digital security outside of WSU infrastructure
  • Faculty/staff burnout 
  • Keeping up with changing student populations and behaviors 


Read the full SWOTs Analysis Report (PDF) 


Next Steps 


A chart shows the timeline and next steps of the WSU-Rochester strategic plan.

  • March 2021: Establish Goals 
  • Public Forum on Thursday, March 18 at 3 PM  
  • April 2021: Align Goals with Budget 
  • Public Forum on Wednesday, April 28 at 2 PM  
  • May 2021: Present to Cabinet  
  • September 2021: Launch with WSUR and Rochester 


Save the dates to join us at upcoming open forums to provide feedback on the next steps of the strategic planning process. 

Public Forum Schedule  

For more information, please contact Dr. Jeanine Gangeness, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Rochester, at 


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Dr. Jeanine Gangeness

Dr. Jeanine E. Gangeness is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Rochester and Dean for the School of Graduate Studies at WSU.