It’s not uncommon for people to skip breakfast, but this blog will remind you why eating breakfast is beneficial, and how to find the best breakfast for you!

Why should I eat breakfast? A few reasons why eating breakfast is a good idea.

  1. You get FOOD – and if you eat a breakfast composed of healthy foods, your body will thank you!
  2. You find motivation to get out of bed – well, maybe that’s just me? On cold winter days, it’s extremely difficult to get out of bed. But my growling stomach and the prospect of toasted blueberry waffles and tea is enough incentive to get me to face the cold.
  3. Many find eating breakfast is a useful way to fully wake up – especially when you include a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Not everyone has time to eat a full meal for breakfast and that’s okay, just do what you can to feed yourself!
  4. You avoid the musically challenged growling noises your stomach will make during class – and unless these noises are followed by your friend offering you a really tasty snack bar, the hunger is just not worth it.

Where can I eat breakfast on campus, and what do they offer?

The cafeterias on main and west campus offer a lot of breakfast variety and are usually open more than an hour before your unfortunately timed 8am class. They have coffee, juice, milk (dairy and non-dairy), waffles, cereals, fruit, bread, eggs, and much more. But I’m the kind of person that’s almost always eager for breakfast. If you’re not into classic breakfast food, that’s okay too! The cafeterias have other options outside of classic breakfast food, and Zane’s offers some good options as well. And don’t forget the Caribou and Einstein Bros. Bagels in the library, or Somsen Cafe.

What if I live off campus? What can I eat?

Off campus options are really up to you. Classic cereal is a good go to, but milk can be expensive. Different flavored oatmeal packets are easy to do, especially because you can add more toppings like peanut butter, almonds or blueberries to make it just your style. Investing in a toaster and a tea kettle are really great options too. Tea kettles boil water for oatmeal quickly and toasters open up your breakfast options even more. Also, tiny waffle makers exist and are wonderful to have. I’ve started making protein waffles (vegan protein powder + waffle mix + blueberries) and putting them in the freezer so I can toast them in the morning for breakfast.

Having food to eat for any meal can be challenge on a small budget. The Warrior Cupboard is an on campus food shelf providing food resources to community members.

What if I’m just not hungry?

If you’re not hungry in the mornings, that’s okay! There are many other people who feel the same way. When I have days like this I often start my morning off with a glass of water and see how I feel after that.

Also, remember there’s still research being conducted on how eating breakfast affects us and our bodies. Check out these articles about various breakfast studies!

This article talks about a study done on why you shouldn’t skip breakfast on a regular basis.

This article discusses whether or not skipping breakfast is a big deal.

And last of all, this article from The New York Times talks about why breakfast should be the largest meal of your day!

Also, did you know that breakfast (and the idea of needing to eat 3 meals a day) was invented by us? Here’s an interesting article on the origins of American breakfast, but of course I recommend you do your own research as well.