Spring used to be my favorite season. I loved seeing everything blooming and growing with all the color and warmth. In middle school my favorite parts of spring became the reasons why I didn’t love it anymore.

My Struggle with Seasonal Allergies

Before middle school, I wasn’t allergic to anything, and then suddenly my eyes constantly itched, my nose constantly ran, and I was constantly tired.  I tried every over-the-counter drug my parents could get me, but nothing worked. I was miserable, tired and I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. In seventh grade, I was tested to see what exactly I was allergic to.

For anyone who hasn’t been tested for allergies, let me tell you it isn’t fun. When I was tested, the doctor put dots of the most common allergens on both my arms, and I couldn’t touch my arms for ten minutes. The itching wasn’t fun, but after ten minutes I found that I was allergic to pollen and ragweed. I was prescribed two nasal sprays, eye drops, and a pill.

While I still get more tired in the spring, and my eyes are a little drier, I am still able to go outside and not feel like I got hit by a truck.

How can you manage your allergies?

As a college student, the end of the semester is an important time. You HAVE to be on point for that presentation of project and you don’t want allergies to get in the way of that.

Speaking with a pharmacist is always recommended to get the best over-the-counter medication for you. If you have any concerns about seasonal or short term allergies, you have the option to speak with a pharmacist about over-the-counter medication that may be available without prescription.

If you are a student who struggles with allergies that are beyond seasonal, Health and Wellness Services can help manage treatment. To find out the best path to manage your allergies, call the Ask-A-Nurse line at 507-457-2293 with questions.

You don’t have to keep struggling with allergies this spring. Instead, find the best care for you. Then you can focus on being a college student first.