You did it! Finals are over for some of us and whether you feel confident about how you did or not, the good news is its finally winter break and studying, projects, papers, exams, etc. are no longer a pressing issue.

When finals are over, it’s time to relax and feel accomplished. Here are the 6 stages of being done with finals that you might go through:

Stage 1: wait…it’s really over?

This is the stage of disbelief and denial right after you finish your last final. After my last final I always check my planner even though I have nothing left to do just because I have been working so hard for the past month that I can’t believe I actually don’t have anything more to do! You’re probably also thinking “how did I actually do all that?”

Stage 2: thank gosh that’s over!

This is the stage when you are relieved that it’s over and done. I feel so relieved that I got everything done and turned in for finals that I don’t know if I should cry or rejoice. This is the stage when I get home after my last final and plop down on my bed because I’m finally done for the semester! (Don’t forget to call your mom and tell her how they went!)

Stage 3: Yay! I get to go home and not worry about any classes.

 This is the excitement stage. I just want to scream it from the mountain tops that “I did it! It’s over!” This stage calls for celebration with your friends or maybe leaving for winter break and going home to celebrate with your family.

Stage 4: Oh no…what grades did I get?

This is the worry and panic stage that sets in when I realize I won’t know what grade I got until my teacher grades it later while I’m on break. What if it didn’t go so well.

 Stage 5: Ok, now I can relax.

 This is the stage when you realize you did your best on finals and you studied and worked hard. There is no way you shouldn’t be proud of yourself and all you accomplished this semester. Time to relax and enjoy break and the holidays with family and friends before doing it all over again next semester.

Stage 6: If anyone needs me, I’ll be sleeping.

This stage is when all the coffee or energy drinks have worn off and your body goes into winter break hibernation mode. You realize you’re exhausted from all the late nights studying and your brain shuts off for a little bit because it’s fried.