A group of students stand on a bridge over Lake Winona to conduct scientific testing.

So Many Possibilities to Learn

In the Community

Winona or Rochester—we are A Community of Learners Improving Our World. As a result, we’re deeply rooted in our communities and economies.

We want you to take what you learn in the classroom out into the world. That’s why our programs focus on getting our students immersed in practical, hands-on experiences, while building their professional network and making a positive impact, too.

Possibilities that await you include internships, career-immersion programs, on-site professional training, and service-learning opportunities, among many others.

You’ll have the chance to work with some of the Midwest region’s most prestigious companies— including Mayo Clinic, 3M, IBM, Target, Fastenal—as well as community organizations like the Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association, Bridges Health, local school districts and more.

Are you already working in your field?

Your current professional experience is an important part of your education at WSU, and faculty will work with you to utilize your experience and build it into your academic plan.

Additionally, WSU-Rochester runs programs at locations throughout the region, allowing for greater community partnership and experiential learning. One such example is right in Rochester—our downtown Broadway location provides close access to the heart of the Destination Medical Center.

What I’ve learned from my schooling at Winona– they actually prepare you to go out and start working.

Gilbert Obiero

Professor explains concepts to students using a water table.

In the Classroom

We value providing you with experiential learning opportunities right in our community. But hands-on experience doesn’t just come from being out in the field—it comes from the opportunities we’ve built into our on-campus learning as well.

At our Winona and Rochester locations, our full range of lab spaces make it easy for you to explore your interests through research.

You could find yourself studying psychological side effects of pharmaceuticals in the psychology department’s neurological laboratory or delving into what creates space craters through a NASA grant awarded to geoscience faculty. WSU’s hands-on approach makes it possible to do research usually reserved for graduate level at larger universities.

Another thing about our lab spaces: they come with state-of-the-art equipment.

Nursing Simulations

Our nursing simulation labs on each campus allow students to practice care in a safe and controlled environment.

Students get to work with a range of high-fidelity manikins, including newborn, infant, child, adult and a birthing mom.

Educator Villages

If you’re an aspiring educator, our Education Village in Winona is set up with lab spaces, observation areas, and the WSU Children’s Center to give students hands-on teaching experience without ever leaving campus.

Likewise, STEM Village in Rochester provides access to workshops and a lending library of STEM materials, allowing our students to become better prepared to teach STEM subjects.

Entrepreneur Opportunities

If your dream is to be your own boss, StartUp Winona State is at the ready to help you map out your business plan, network in your field, identify funding sources, and build the skills you’ll need to succeed.