Rochester Campus Parking Lots, Transportation & Security

WSU-R offers many parking- and safety-related services at both the Rochester Community & Technical College (RCTC) and Broadway locations. 

From on-campus parking to public transportation to campus security, you’ll be looked after both on and off campus.

What’s In This Area?

On-Campus Parking

There are several paid and free parking lots available at both the RCTC campus and Broadway location for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available through the Rochester Public Transit system. 

Campus Security

This space is used for: 

  • Emergency response 
  • Student escorts 
  • Car jump-starts

On-Campus Parking

If you’ve decided to drive yourself to class, you’re going to need a place to park your vehicle.  

RCTC Location

You can park in any designated areas of the main campus and Heintz Center parking lots at RCTC without paying for a permit. This is because you already pay a parking fee through your tuition, so you’re covered right off the bat. 

You can also use RCTC’s parking meters and pay for however long you’ve been parked. 

Or purchase a visitor permit to be able to park in any student, faculty, and staff lot or at the parking meters without having to pay each time you visit. 

Broadway Building

At our Broadway location, there’s a parking lot behind the building that’s open and free to students to park in on a space-available basis. 

You can also use the on-street parking meters and pay for however long you’ve been parked. (Pst! Park after 5pm and you won’t be charged.) 

Public Transportation

Not planning on bringing a vehicle? Not a problem. You can use public transportation to get to either of our campus locations and around town. 

Accessing the Rochester Public Transit bus system is super easy and convenient. WSU-R offers free bus passes that last about four months.

All you need to do is head over to the Student & Campus Services Office at RCTC and show your Warrior ID to pick up your own pass.

These bus passes are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to grab yours as soon as possible if you’re interested. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a fare when you catch a ride. 

Campus Security

We value your safety. That’s why we’ve partnered with RCTC Campus Security to offer services that’ll bring you extra comfort.

If you’d like someone to accompany you to your vehicle or a particular location on campus, call 507.280.5050 for a personal escort any time of day.

Or use one of our blue emergency poles located in the North, East, and West parking lots at the Heintz Center. If you need assistance, a Campus Security worker will immediately respond via intercom. You can also contact Rochester Law Enforcement by pushing the red button.

And come wintertime, you can also reach out to RCTC Campus Security to jump-start your vehicle for free with your Warrior ID.

These are all the little things we provide to make you feel even more welcome and safe on our campus.