RCTC: Main Building, Regional Sports Center & Heintz Center

WSU partnered with Rochester Community & Technical College (RCTC) to offer students even more classroom space and other facilities in Rochester. 

The college’s classroom spaces and other facilities intended for WSU-Rochester (WSU-R) students are run by WSU-R faculty and staff. 

The RCTC location features a variety of helpful offices, exercise facilities, and lab spaces as well as on-campus meal options and comfy study lounges on each floor of the Main Building and Heintz Center. 

What’s In This Building?

Main Building

This building is used for: 

  • Student support services 
  • On-campus clinic 
  • State-of-the-art labs 
  • Dining options 

Regional Sports Center

This building is used for: 

  • Open gym exercise 
  • Machine workouts 
  • Equipment rentals 

Heintz Center

This building is used for: 

  • STEM Village 
  • STEM Camp 

Main Building

The Main Building is located in the southeast corner of campus and includes WSU-R’s Student & Campus Services (SCS) Office, Tech Support, Wellness & Counseling Servicesmultiple labs, Learning Center, and a café. 

Student & Campus Services Office

We know that college can be a bit of a whirlwind, regardless of whether you’re transferring from another institution or returning after earning your first degree and/or working in the field. That’s why we make sure you’re covered with student support services. 

The Student & Campus Services (SCS) Office is located on the first floor in the Student Services wing next to RCTC’s Cashier’s Office.  

The SCS Office has many free resources—including admissions, financial aid, a student advocate, and Veteran and international student support services—for students of all academic levels. These resources also mirror what we offer at our main Winona campus, which all Rochester students have access to as well. 

Advising Services

Meet with an adviser, choose your major, register for classes, and ensure you’re on track to graduate.

Career Services

Get help when searching for jobs, crafting your resume and cover letter, and practicing for interviews.

Access Services

Academic accommodations are available to students with a documented disability. 

Take advantage of extended exam time, low-distraction testing environments, and alternate textbook formats. 

You can access all these services remotely or in person. Make sure to schedule an appointment before you stop in by emailing the SCS Office or calling 507.285.7100. 

Tech Support

Because more than half of the classes taught at RCTC are hybrid—meaning a mix of in-person and online learning—we know it’s important for students to have access to technology and tech support. Enter the Tech Support Office, located on the first floor in the Coffman wing. 

This is where you can pick up your Warrior ID and, if you choose to participate in the eWarrior Program, your fully-configured laptop. Choose a PC or a Mac—there’s no right or wrong. We recommend you check with your program for device recommendations before selecting. 

Either way, you’ll be equipped with all the right software and apps right away to excel in your classes. Then after two years, you’ll be able to trade in your laptop for the next best model. 

And upon graduation, you can purchase your laptop for a small fee, meaning you’re set up for success with technology even as an alum.

Warrior Wireless Network

Every student can connect to the Warrior wireless network to print and browse anywhere on campus, regardless of participation in the eWarrior Program.  

However, if you choose to use your personal laptop, whether you’re a Windows or an Apple user, your device must meet minimum specifications to connect to our network. 

Tech Support won’t be able to provide extensive assistance to students who have personally-owned devices and are currently enrolled in and registered for classes.  

Our team will do their best, but they won’t know your device as well as the devices we offer through the eWarrior Program, so this is something you should consider when determining your technological needs. 

Campus Printing

Whether it be presentation notes, speeches, or other forms, there’s a good chance you’ll need to print a thing or two while on campus. Use one of the many printers on campus by logging in to the Warrior wireless network—you’ll need your Star ID to do so.  

To promote conservation, all students are given a printing quota of 1,000 pages for black and white printing each semester. Stay on top of how much you’re printing by frequently checking your printing history and current balance

If you exceed your printing quota (which is totally okay!), you can purchase additional pages at an affordable price through Tech Support. 

We also offer a variety of other printing services for students who want to take their posters and projects to the next level. Color printing, lamination services, and other services come at extra costs. 

Note: If you decide to not participate in the eWarrior Program, please review our info on web-based printing. 

Counseling & Health Services

It’s no secret that mental health and physical wellness go hand in hand. Explore our private counseling and health services. 

Counseling Services

We realize that life may get stressful as you work toward your educational goals. If you need someone to talk to or other mental health services, we offer free, confidential counseling. 

To make an initial appointment to meet with a counselor over the phone, please stop in the WSU-R SCS Office or call us at 507.285.7100. 

You can then meet with a WSU counselor on Zoom anytime or in person when they visit the WSU-R SCS Office once a month. 

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please email or call 507.457.5330.  

Health Services

Our on-campus clinic on the first floor of the Health Science building is where you can seek care and treatment for minor illnesses, emergency first aid, over-the-counter medications, and referrals to community providers, health counseling, and diagnostic testing—all year round. 

A Registered Nurse is available every day and a Nurse Practitioner is available by appointment every week. 

The costs for most services are covered by the Health Service fee included on your tuition statement, so you typically don’t have to pay an additional fee for meeting with a nurse. Otherwise, you may be charged for certain services or supplies, which you can opt to be billed to your student account. 

Walk in, email, or call 507.285.7261 with questions or appointment requests. 

Even More Mental Health Support
Health Services has partnered with the Zumbro Valley Mental Health Center to provide even more mental health support services. 

You’ll be able to work with licensed mental health providers to suit whatever needs you have. 

The best part: you’ll never be denied services if you aren’t able to pay or don’t have health insurance to cover any service fees. 

Make an appointment by calling 507.285.7261 or visiting the office in person. 

Ask-a-Nurse Message Line

If you’re feeling under the weather and aren’t sure whether you should visit a clinic, call our Ask-a-Nurse line for free advice at 507.457.2292. 

You’ll get quick access to a nurse who can answer any health questions you may have and suggest treatment options.

Student Health Insurance

We encourage you to have personal health insurance while attending college, and we offer student health insurance for anyone who isn’t already covered and would like to be.

Lab Spaces

The RCTC location has three lab spaces for our Nursing, Computer Science, and graduate students.

Nursing Simulation Lab

Our Nursing Simulation Lab in the Health Sciences wing allows nursing students to practice care for a wide range of patient types in a safe and controlled environment. 

Students get to work with high-fidelity—meaning sophisticated and life-like—manikins, including newborn, infant, child, adult, and a birthing mom. 

The Nursing Department works closely with community partners like Mayo Clinic and many surrounding county health departments in Rochester. 

This is just one of the many ways we promote community engagement, provide students service-learning opportunities, and improve the world all at the same time. 

Computer Science Lab

For our Computer Science students, this lab in Singley Hall features computer systems that are loaded with software specifically licensed to the Computer Science Department. 

This lab also requires a security access card, which is available from Tech Support.

Graduate Studies Lab

Exclusively for our graduate students, this lab is located in the Graduate Student Lounge of East Hall. 

There are two computers in this lab that are equipped with WSU software and apps, making it the perfect spot for graduate students to work on assignments or research online. 

Learning Center

Need assistance staying on top of your coursework? Want to get ahead in your classes? You can do both with the help of certified student tutors right on campus. 

Head over to Tutoring Services in the Learning Center, located on the third floor of the Goddard Library.  

You can become a tutor for a rewarding student employment opportunity, too. 

The Learning Center also features a computer lab space equipped with several computers for students who elect not to participate in the eWarrior Program and need quick access to a device.  

Dining Options

College can take a lot of brain power, so fuel up with our on-campus dining options. 

On the third floor, you can chow down on something tasty a la carte at the Fresh Stop Café, from Aldo’s Burgers and Nice Slice Pizza to Noodle House and World Tacos to salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, and more. 

Students, faculty, and staff can also use the Café Rewards app to pay at the café all year long.

Regional Sports Center

Want to get your sweat on without the sweat of paying for a gym membership? 

Head on over to the open gym in the Regional Sports Center—located on the eastern edge of campus—for a free workout, whether you’re into walking, running, or playing basketball, volleyball, or soccer.  

If you prefer working out with machines and equipment, you can also access the Fitness Center for free with your Warrior ID and a membership pass. To get your membership pass, you’ll need to visit the Cashier’s Office, show your current semester schedule to prove you’re a student, and sign a few forms. 

The Fitness Center has several treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, lifting machines, and other exercise equipment. We’ve got everything you’ll need. 

Heintz Center

The Heintz Center is located in the northwest corner of campus and includes the STEM Village as well as café that serves burgers, pizza, pasta, tacos, salads, sandwiches, coffee, and more. 

STEM Village

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education allows all students—beginning as young as elementary age—to learn high-tech skills in an integrated way. 

To meet these demands and prepare our aspiring teachers at the same time, WSU-R’s Education Department worked with public and private stakeholders and created the STEM Village, located in the Heintz Center. 

The STEM Village is a space dedicated to providing educational resources to kindergarten through high school teachers. These resources range from an extensive lending library of STEM equipment and materials to workshops and other collaboration opportunities year-round. 

This space has ultimately helped teachers become better educators of science, technology, engineering, and math subjects for their students in Rochester and surrounding areas of southeast Minnesota. 


Another initiative that our Education Department offers people in the community is STEM Camp, which is a summer enrichment program.  

WSU-R students who are currently enrolled in the Elementary Education, Graduate Induction, and Education MS programs—as well as recent graduates of those programs—teach a variety of courses at Riverside Central Elementary School during the summer break. 

Riverside students can take two different classes based on their top five choices.  

There’s a breadth of class options, like: 

  • Bubble-ology 
  • Solar Power 
  • Lego Mindstorm 
  • Snap Circuits 
  • The Science of Sound 
  • Build It! 

 We even have a class called Zebra Fish: Development/Five Senses, which we offer in collaboration with InSciEd Out and Mayo Clinic. 

Over the past decade, STEM Camp has grown to serve between 150 and 200 students each summer, and we’re excited for it to continue growing and getting more children excited about STEM in the years to come.