Midterm season is upon us, and that means we get a “fresh start” half-way through the semester. Although our grades don’t restart, we should treat it as if they do! After this, we’re in it for the long haul!

De-cluttering is a great way to relax and gear up for the rest of the semester. Here are six helpful tips to help de-clutter your life.


Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21

1. Go through your clothing!

Let’s be real, there isn’t much storage space in our rooms. So, take the time with the changing seasons to clear out your summer clothing! Try on all your shorts, t-shirts, and crop tops. If it doesn’t fit or if you haven’t worn it all season (and won’t ever wear it), donate it!

This is an easy way to free up some space for your cozy sweatshirts and fuzzy socks. Goodwill takes donations and you get a coupon to use in the store! Plus, who doesn’t love doing a good deed?


2. Throw away useless clutter

Those flyers with information from Welcome Week are just clutter in your room. Anything that you can’t donate, but want to get rid of – do it! It’s okay to get rid of things and you’ll feel better after doing so.

Go through your folders and notebooks to see if there are any assignment sheets that you no longer need. You will have extra space and feel lighter by throwing things away. It will do wonders for your backpack in the long run.


3. Optimize your use of space

You’ve been living in your room for a few weeks now, it might be time to shake it up. Sometimes, moving your furniture around makes it feel like a brand-new space. Maybe having your desk under your bed wasn’t the best choice for you. Do what feels right for you and it’ll be refreshing!

Ask yourself, “Am I using my space wisely?” I have storage bins under my bed, a shoe rack in the closet, and I roll my t-shirts in my drawers to optimize space. Give it a try.


4. Create as much desk space as possible

Sometimes your desk gets cluttered with textbooks, office supplies, or even makeup and hygiene products. Make sure your desk is clean and organized so that you can be productive in your room.

I don’t like having a cluttered space because I feel like my mind gets distracted. If you have something on your desk that you haven’t used in a long time, move it, pack it up, or donate it!

5. Decluttering social media

There are a lot of things happening in the news and on social media that may stress you out. If that is the case, take time to go through and do a “social media cleanse.”

I did this by getting rid of Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram on my phone. Believe it or not, I was able to fall asleep easier, I had more free time, and I was more productive.

If you aren’t ready to make a change that drastic, maybe just do a cleanse of followers and friends on your various accounts.

6. Self-care

After cramming for midterm exams and projects, take some time to yourself! There are plenty of things to do in the Winona area. Take a walk around the lake and get some fresh air before winter sets in.

Hopefully with some of these tips, you can take a physical and mental break from midterms! We are halfway there, Warriors! Feel the satisfaction of a clean space and make sure that you keep up with your organizational habits. Get creative and have fun with it. Good luck!