Happy New Year! Happy New Semester!

I love welcoming a new year and this year is especially exciting because of all that the university community has accomplished over the past year. Vaccinations, adaptations, and facilitations – COVID-19 vaccinations; courses and services delivery adaptations; and, in Rochester, facilitation of strategic planning.


At the start of 2021 the university employees and students did not have access to COVID-19 vaccine, now employees are vaccinated or testing weekly, and over 79% students at WSU-Rochester are vaccinated. 85% of students who are athletes, living in residence halls, or at clinical/internships in Winona and Rochester are vaccinated (December 9, 2021).

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations at Winona State University


I am impressed with the staff and faculty as they demonstrate flexibility and excellence during over a year of ambiguity. Students participated, learned, progressed, and graduated. These experiences have tested our critical thinking, creativity, intellectual resilience, and connections to each other – our humanity.


We launched the strategic planning process for WSU-Rochester in January 2021. The Plan was developed through extensive feedback with internal constituencies and the WSU-Rochester Advisory Group. An integrated plan was developed to address the priority areas and align with the WSU plans (Academic Plan, Facility Plan, IT Plan, Student Enrollment Plan). This integrated plan intentionally connects and co-mingles with the plans developed at the university level to extend responsibility and budget expectations to the units that address the areas.

WSU-Rochester is essential to the growth and vitality of WSU. WSU-Rochester has been responsive to the Rochester workforce and higher education needs for well over 100 years. The faculty, staff, and administration in Rochester have earned the respect of colleagues and community by demonstrating growth in student headcount while drastically reducing budget and costs. This integrated plan was created through intentional collaboration and acknowledgement of all people.

View the WSU-Rochester Integrated and Dynamic Strategic Plan

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Dr. Jeanine Gangeness

Dr. Jeanine E. Gangeness is the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Rochester and Dean for the School of Graduate Studies at WSU.