Last year when I was a freshman here at WSU, I was in the best shape of my life. I was a dancer all through high school and worked out every day with my mom over the summer, so I felt great about myself and my workout regimen. Going into freshman year I was nervous about the “Freshman 15” and how much weight I might gain, but luckily I stuck to my workouts and made it to the gym almost every day. Here’s how I manage to stay motivated and balance school and gym throughout my years in school:

1) Find a time in your schedule to workout

Physically write down in a planner the days and times that work best for you and take about 45 minutes to an hour for the gym. This is important because the excuse of “not having enough time” won’t work anymore! Finding a time that is less busy at the gym is also helpful in the planning process if you are nervous about the gym being overcrowded.

2) Make a playlist for your workout and/or find workout accounts for inspiration

 Making playlists of my favorite songs is one of the things that motivates me to get up and go to the gym. Following gym inspiration accounts also can help to motivate you to go, too. My workout plan is very basic and just consists of some cardio, squats, weights and abs but having a little bit of a plan or idea of what you want to do in the gym is good.

3) Bring your studying with you

It is still possible to go over notecards or notes or even read a textbook while on a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill to get at least a little studying in. It is multitasking at its best!

4) Find a workout buddy

Having a friend go to the gym with me helps me to stay motivated and actually get to the gym. Friends can help make you feel more comfortable, push you to finish reps and give you new workout ideas or tips.

5) Find other ways you can workout if you aren’t a fan of the gym

Especially with warm weather approaching, my favorite thing to do in the summer is hike, rollerblade and go biking. There are so many other ways to get exercise, even in the comfort of your own home! A yoga mat is great for rolling out literally anywhere and using for your workout.

6) Look to Pinterest for short, specific ideas and circuits

I find almost all of my ab, squat and arm circuits on Pinterest and it is a great place to go for inspiration and good workouts of your choosing. This is especially good if you are a newbie and need a little help with where to start with your routine. WSU’s Wellness board is a great place to start and gather some health tips and exercises to give a try!

7) Make the gym part of your daily routine and set yourself attainable goals

Don’t freak out if you miss a day at the gym or can’t make it because something comes up. As college students we are all extremely busy, but making the gym part of your day is such a healthy way to relieve stress from school, release endorphins and make you feel better about yourself. Make the workouts fun and somewhat enjoyable and challenge yourself in the process.

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Cheney Mason

Cheney is from Stevens Point, WI and is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys writing, baking, working out, hanging out with friends and traveling.

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