For most of us, it’s that time of the year again to get back into our routines with classes, tight schedules and the sometimes dreadful, fitness routine. It’s sometimes hard after a long relaxing summer to find the motivation to get up and actually go to the gym, but there are a few tips I find helpful to get me motivated.

Workout Motivation


  1. Organize your schedule to free up time for the gym

My first tip for us gym goers would be organizing your schedule to find free time each day and plan it out for the week so you can visualize in a planner or calendar which days and times you are committing to the gym. This habit of planning will create a set routine and make the “I don’t have time for the gym” excuse useless.

Organizing your schedule to find time for the gym


  1. Create a gym playlist

Motivating yourself for the gym can be tough, but creating a music playlist for the gym can be fun and get you pumped about going. Upbeat songs that make me happy aid in my commute to the gym and help motivate me through a tough workout.

Make a playlist


  1. Treat yourself to new gym attire

Although the majority of us are broke college students, spending some money on new, fun workout clothes can be a great way to motivate yourself to work out more often.

Buy some new gym attire


  1. Bring a friend

I always find it helpful to have some friends tag along to the gym with me. Not only does that motivate me to go, I also feel less intimidated by the gym itself. Friends help to hold me accountable for actually going to work out.

Bring friends to the gym with you.


  1. Find a class you like

There are many fitness classes offered in the IWC that are great for beginners yet still challenge you. One of my favorites since freshman year has been “butt n’ gut.” Classes are a great way to get yourself into a routine of going every week.

Find a class you like.


  1. Set yourself some goals

And actually stick to them! Write down a few small or big goals and give yourself enough of a timeline to achieve them. Whenever you feel lazy or like you don’t want to go workout, look back at your list.

Set goals for yourself


  1. Reward yourself for your hard work

This is important because you earned it! I always find that when I have an end prize, I’m more likely to work harder in the gym. I reward myself with ice cream or candy, new clothes, etc. after I have reached a certain point and feel good about myself and my hard work.

Treat yourself!


  1. Wear gym clothes to class

This is what I do when I feel sluggish or feel like I won’t want to walk to the gym later from my house after I have already sat down to watch Netflix. I wear my gym clothes to class and straight from my last class of the day I go to the gym.

Wear your gym clothes all day long.


  1. Don’t doubt yourself

Telling yourself that you can’t do it will never give you the motivation to actually do it. Don’t bring yourself down. Just get up and go work out!

You can do it!


  1. Find inspiration

Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, twitter, etc. find people to follow on social media that inspire you and motivate you to work out, even when you really don’t want to!

Workout Inspiration