The day after Valentine’s Day has been designated Singles Awareness Day. February 15 declares to the world that there is nothing wrong with being single. In fact, from our perspective, there are quite a few benefits to being single especially when you’re in college.

1. It’s Your Time. Use it When and How You Need It.

Your schedule is completely up to you. No strings attached. No responsibilities to any significant other. No limitations to hold you in place, space or time. You decide.

2. Motivation to Connect with New People.

Being single means independence, which can drive you into new social situations. You will be challenged to meet and interact with new people. Social situations are opportunities for connection and building new relationships. You also have more time to devote to the friendships you already have.

3. Another Day, Another Dollar Saved.

When you are in a relationship, you will inevitably have to going out for lunch, going to see movies, buying gifts, etc. This requires some financial responsibility to balance these relationship expenses with the rest of your budget. Being single means you won’t have to spend extra if you don’t want to.

4. There’s Always Plenty of Bed Space. #SprawlOut

Everyone can relate to that moment when all you can think about is having your big bed to yourself. Late night, alone, relaxed, and at peace. Well, being in a relationship might hinder some of these precious moments. So go ahead, sprawl out and roll around like your pet dog. No one is there to complain that you’re hogging the bed!

5. Increase Your Independent Growth

Independent growth is the most significant growth you will experience throughout your life. It is determined strictly by your thoughts, your actions, and your decision making. That kind of heavy responsibility can prepare you for any challenge, tribulation, or hardship that you might face in future situations. You can live a life that you want to live, rather than a life that others want you to live.

6. There’s no forced friendships or social interactions. All natural. All you.

If you have been in a relationship, chances are you have had to force interactions with your SO’s friends or family members. These situations aren’t always the most comfortable and can be downright challenging if you happen not to get along with that person as well as your sweetheart does. This kind of tension is hard to live with. Being single allows you to avoid such situations and include people in your life who YOU choose– not somebody else.

7. Travel When, Where, Why and How to Your Heart’s Desire

Many people see today’s world online and on TV and revel at the chance to explore it. When you are single, these possibilities are only limited to your personal health, finances, and resources. When you’re in a relationship, you have to think about leaving someone behind for a period of time or figuring out a way to take them with you. Overall, traveling alone means personal responsibility rather group responsibility, and the ability to follow any choice with an action on the spot.

8. Learn More About Who and What YOU Like.

Sometimes when you are in a relationship it can be easy to lose sight of your personal everyday routines, likes, dislikes, etc. Being single can give you the opportunity to truly look and learn more about what you like, how you function, and what you seek to accomplish on a day to day basis.

–Michael Pelley and Sam Boudreau