What to Expect When Getting Vaccinated

You may be wondering what to expect when getting your COVID-19 vaccine. Besides side-effects, you may be wondering what happens before, during and after your appointment.

Before making a vaccine appointment, investigate the different vaccine types: 

The FDA and CDC are now allowing for mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines for booster shots. If you have a preference between vaccine types, you may need to call around to local clinics to see what vaccine types they have on hand. 

Health & Wellness Services

COVID-19 vaccines are available daily at WSU Health Services upstairs in the clinic IWC 222 from 10–11:30AM & 2:30–4PM. No appointment needed just walk up to the front desk and ask for a COVID-19 vaccine. Please bring your insurance information and student ID with you. 

Health Services also has various pop-up vaccine clinics outside of these hours throughout the school year. Stay tuned on social media and to university updates about additional vaccine offerings and times. 


Where to Get a COVID Vaccine in Winona

Winona County

Winona County is offering a $50 incentive gift-card to those who receive a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at any Winona County vaccine clinic while supplies last.

They will be offering various pop-up clinics throughout November and December. Check out their Facebook page for more details on dates, times and locations, and how to sign-up for your COVID-19 vaccine.


Call: 507.452.5254 

Location: 1475 Service Dr. 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–6PM | Sat–Sun 10AM–4PM 

Appointment: Walk-ins available, appointments preferred schedule an appointment.

Target CVS Pharmacy

Call: 507.452.6308 

Location: 860 Mankato Ave. 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–7PM | Sat 9AM–5PM | Sun 11AM–5PM 
*Please note this location has a 30 minute closing period from 1:30–2PM daily.

Appointment: Walk-ins available or schedule an appointment.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Call: 507.452.4076 

Location: 750 Mankato Ave. 

Hours: Mon–Fri 8AM–10PM | Sat 9AM–6PM | Sun 10AM–6PM 

Appointment: Required. Schedule an appointment.


Call: 507.452.0615 

Location: 955 Frontenac Dr. 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–8PM | Sat 9AM–7PM | Sun 10AM–6PM 

Appointment: Walk-in available or schedule an appointment.

Winona Health

Call: 507.454.3650 

Location: Parkview Office Building, 825 Mankato Ave. 

Hours: Thurs–Fri 11AM–5PM

Appointments: Walk-in only.

Where to Get a COVID Vaccine in Rochester

Mayo Clinic

Call: 507.538.4040

Location: Siebens Building, 100 2nd St. SW

Hours: Tues & Thurs 2PM–7PM | Wed & Fri 8AM–5PM

Appointments: Required. Call 507.538.4040 or schedule an appointment.


Call: 507.286.1870 

Location: 2020 Commerce Dr. NW 

Hours: Mon–Fri 10AM–7PMSat 9:30AM–6PM
*Please note this location has a closing period from 1:30–2:30PM daily.

Appointment: Walk-in available or schedule an appointment 
You do not need to be a Costco member to receive a vaccine at this location


Call: 507.288.3234 

Location: 1021 15th Ave. SE 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–9PM | Sat 9AM–6PMSun 10AM–5PM 

Appointment: Required. Schedule an appointment.

CVS Pharmacy

Call: Varies by Location

Location: Multiple Locations 

Hours: Varies by Location

Appointments: Walk-ins available or schedule an appointment.


Call: Number varies by location

Location: Multiple locations 

Hours: Mon–Fri 8AM–8PM | Sat–Sun 9AM–5PM

Appointment: Walk-in available or schedule an appointment.

Sam's Club

Call: 507.281.8355 

Location: 3410 NW 55th St. 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–7PM | Sat 9AM–6PM 

Appointments: Walk-ins available or schedule an appointment.

Walgreens Pharmacy

Call: Number varies by location

Location: Multiple Locations

Hours: Mon–Fri 8AM–8PM | Sat 9AM–6PM | Sun 10AM–6PM
*Please note this location has a 30 minute closing period from 1:30–2PM daily.

Appointment: Required. Schedule an appointment. 


Call: Number varies by location

Location: Multiple locations 

Hours: Mon–Fri 9AM–8PM | Sat 9AM–7PM | Sun 10AM–6PM

Appointment: Walk-in available or schedule an appointment.

Minnesota Vaccine Finder

Wisconsin Vaccine Finder

COVID Vaccine Finder

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