Do you feel like you’re playing a never-ending game of bingo always waiting for your number to be called? Me too. That’s exactly how I feel waiting for my COVID-19 vaccine.  

Instead of waiting and complaining about my date, I’ve decided to be proactive about my COVID-19 vaccine. I’m doing this by investigating ways to get notified, asking questions, and by being patient.  

If you are anything like me, you may have a ton of questions about how to make sure you’re on a vaccine waiting list and what to do while you’re waiting to get vaccinated.  

Sign-Up to Get Notified When Your COVID Vaccine is Ready For You!

There are several vaccine notification sign-ups, and the process is very simple. I tried it last week when the MN COVID Vaccine Notification System launched. It only took me about 5 minutes from start to finish. Here’s how it went:

First, fill out the questionnaire. They ask questions like your name, where you live, contact information, basic medical history, etc.

Next, you’ll get a confirmation email that your MN COVID-19 Vaccine Connector questionnaire was completed and accepted.

Then, when your vaccine phase group becomes eligible, you will be contacted by MDH via email with vaccine opportunities in your area and information on how to schedule your appointment. If you don’t have email, they will notify you via text or phone call.

WSU COVID-19 Vaccination Notification System

Sign-up voluntarily if you would like to be notified by WSU’s Health & Wellness Services when you become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. This notification sign-up is confidential and only takes minutes to fill out. It is open to students at both Winona and Rochester campuses. 
Signing up with this form should not stop you from getting the vaccine anywhere else.  We highly recommend you take advantage of other opportunities as soon as they become available to you as opposed to waiting to get vaccinated by us. 

WSU COVID Vaccine Notification

COVID Vaccine FAQ’s Answered by Ask-A-Nurse

Does WSU currently have vaccines available? 

Yes, in limited quantities for those who are currently eligible to get vaccinated. Health & Wellness Services is working with the state, county and local partners on securing vaccine doses.

We are anticipating more vaccine availability as nationwide efforts improve. We could get a shipment of vaccine doses at any time, please be patient, pay attention to all university messages and check your WSU email frequently. 

When will I be able to get vaccinated at WSU?

Eligibility depends on each individuals specific situation.  We are following the state and local guidelines by administering those doses to those who are at the highest priority, as we move through the phases there will be more vaccines available. 

We will share vaccination opportunities and information with you via social media, all university emails, and WSU update once we know. You may also sign-up up for the vaccine notification system to ensure you are notified when the vaccine is made available to you. By signing up with WSU, you will be able to let us know the specific criteria you meet–to let us inform you are the correct time that your vaccine is ready for you. 

If I can receive a vaccine elsewhere, should I? 

Yes, if you are able to get vaccinated sooner elsewhere–please go get vaccinated. Once you are notified that you are eligible and are able to register your wait is over and you do not need to wait to get vaccinated on campus.

What if I’m from Wisconsin, or currently living in another state, can I still sign-up and get vaccinated at WSU?

You’re in luck! All WSU students and employees can get vaccinated on campus when their vaccine is made available to them. 


Health & Wellness Services

Winona County Vaccine Information

Updated information from Winona County states that they will release links to register for upcoming COVID-19 public clinics through a media release, the Winona County Health and Human Services Facebook page, and the weekly COVID-19 newsletter. Anyone needing assistance may call the vaccine hotline at 507-457-6375 Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Winona County is no longer accepting interest forms for vaccines.

What to do while waiting?

After signing up for a my COVID-19 vaccination notification, all I need to do is sit back, relax, and be patient knowing that I’ll receive an email when my COVID-19 vaccine is ready for me.  

Vaccines are being distributed as fast as possible. While you wait for your vaccination date, please continue to mask up, back up, wash up, check up, and check in. We’re all excited about the vaccine, now we just wait for our turn to get our COVID BINGO! 

For COVID-19 Vaccine updates follow us on social media @WSUHealth and email Ask-A-Nurse with any vaccine questions or concerns at 

MN Vaccine Connector

Wisconsin COVID-19 Registry

COVID Vaccine Finder

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