If you didn’t know, a place called the Relaxation Room does exist and it can be found here on campus! Dream come true, right? Here you can meditate, pray, do homework, color, or just simply relax.

The relaxation room is located on the second floor of the IWC near Counseling Services, and is open 9am-2pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and Thursday 11am-2pm.

When I visited the Relaxation Room, I meditated and lounged in the recliners!

When I visited the Relaxation Room, I meditated and lounged in the recliners!

I visited the Relaxation Room an hour between my classes and found the experience very beneficial. Not only did my mind feel much clearer, but my body felt less stiff and I had better posture while I was in class. I tried out one of the meditation videos in the morning which was about 20 minutes long, and it really warmed up my muscles through yoga poses and I was able to clear my mind with deep breathing. The Relaxation Room also provides after-class meditation as well, which guides you to unwind from the stress built up throughout the day. The space provides time for reflection and recognition of stress and one’s tense body after a long day of class.

It is good to find a time to section off and focus on giving your mind and body a break. Giving more attention to relaxation allows ones body to become aware of stress. Addressing this stress and getting rid of it can lead to many benefits such as better focus on homework, and improved decision making and memorization. Not only is relaxation an essential part of maintaining mental health, according to a listicle in the Huffington Post, it allows for the body to physically improve as well, leading to clearer skin and decreased desire for unhealthy food.

It’s important to take time out of your day and not think about homework, work, or any other tasks that you have to complete that day or week. The Relaxation Room provides a space where you can do this, and practice methods that relax you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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Lisa Daraskevich

Lisa is a Global Studies major and English (Writing) minor graduating in 2017. She is from Plymouth, MN and her hobbies include playing the violin, speaking French, walking around the lake and hanging out with friends.