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Health and Wellness Services is sponsoring a new co-curricular experience called “Got Health and Happiness”. This program is a 4-week journey to embracing your wellness!  It’s a self-guided program designed to help enhance your overall health!

Who doesn’t love improving their lives to promote their health and well-being for free!?

A few highlights from week three:


Give yourself a break!

We are in Week 6 for classes, and it feels like everything is happening all at once. This activity was really helpful to remind me that regular breaks and engaging in self-care is so important. Longer periods of rest are important too. I noticed with my crazy schedule this past month, I was finding that I had less energy and I was overall less productive. This exercise challenged me to manage my energy, rather than my time. Practicing energy management was great and I found I felt less drained at the end of the day.


Genuine connections with others improves your well being

Last weekend, I drove up to the Twin Cities with my best friend and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try out this exercise. Frequently, I find that I am not fully present in conversations and it turns into a back and forth of our different experiences. I decided to just listen, and try to understand my best friends experience and validate their emotions by fully immersing myself in the conversation. By being fully present, I felt more connected to my best friend and happier in the end.


Self-comforting touch promotes physical health

Hugs make you feel better, massages make you feel better, but also playing with pets reduces anxiety! I have two of the sweetest cats, and I decided to take time out of my day to spend time with them. It was the best decision ever. Before bed, I would sit on my couch and play with my cats. It was a great choice to do this and it is something I am 100% going to continue to do each day! Even if it was for 5 minutes, I felt better about myself at the end of the day to spend time with my cats.

Even just some small, manageable changes can make a world of a difference! Check out my blogs from the first and second week!


Just a reminder, you do get credit for this! For more information follow us on Facebook and sign up today!

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