College is a time when new friendships and relationships begin. These new formed relationships can be exciting, and possibly even hard to navigate. It is important to set boundaries with yourself and the other person, whether it is a new or old relationship, to ensure the relationship/friendship is a healthy one.  

What are healthy boundaries?

Boundaries draw a line of what is and is not acceptable in a friendship or relationship. The healthy boundaries that you set are to promote a feeling of safety and respect between yourself and another person. Boundaries are going to be different depending on the person as well as the type of relationship (i.e. romantic, friendship, family, etc.). These can be physical, emotional, or simply setting boundaries surrounding your space, time, activities, etc.  

How do I Set Healthy Boundaries?

Navigating what boundaries you want to set and how you want to set them can be difficult. The first step to setting healthy boundaries is to realize that you deserve to be loved and respected in any type of relationship. Next, it is important to establish what you value and what you are comfortable with, whether it be a romantic, friendship, or familial relationship. Then, it is important to communicate what your boundaries are, and listen to what the other person says about their own boundaries. Lastly, it is important to ensure that these boundaries continue to be respected. And, if you decide later that you want to have a boundary that you want to change, one that you want to add, or one that you want to drop, communication is key.  


Creating a healthy relationship environment will showcase respect, love, and safety within relationships. Set boundaries that make you feel safe. It is important to remember that setting boundaries is a form of self-love, and you are deserving of safety, respect, and love.  

On-Campus Resources

If you are dealing with an unsafe relationship, here are some resources that can help: 

OASIS Advocacy Center- Gildemeister 110; Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30pm;; 507-452-4453  

Counseling Services- IWC 222; Monday-Friday 8-4:30pm;; 507-457-5330 

Health Services- IWC 222; Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30pm; Appointment line: 507-457-5160; Ask-A-Nurse message line: 507-457-2292 


-Authored by Kailee Johnson