If you are like me, you may have suddenly found yourself waste deep in midterms, projects, and snow. With spring break just out of reach and all signs of hope long gone, I was forced to face my reality and embrace the only option I had left … grab the phone, order a couple of  large pizzas from Dominoes, grab the quart of ice cream, and furiously cry under my desk (by the way, tears make a surprisingly good side dish. Who knew?). After the ridicule from my roommate stopped, I finally pulled myself together enough to come here and tell you guys how to avoid this very situation and by that, I mean the topic of stress eating! I can’t help you out if you cry under your desk because my PH.D. doesn’t cover that area.

A REAL DOCTOR by the name of Amy Ozier accredits the urge to eat when stressed to the emotional response center and the ability of the individual to psychologically cope with the emotional response. Some people can handle stressful situations internally, however, many find it easier to cope with these stressors by looking for external coping methods, which in this case, is food. Makes a lot of sense huh?

And of course, stress eating will eventually lead to entrapment in a vicious circle. You eat when you are stressed, then you must face the crippling emotional guilt that comes along with losing your goal of keeping that freshman 15 off, and then you go back to eating to cope with the stress. This will continue for a while, leading to a downwards spiral of emotional turmoil and regret that will eventually put you right back under that desk. BUT DON’T WORRY because I have a plan (it’s really the Mayo Clinic’s plan).

There are great stress management techniques that are available and easily accessible. One great option is to join one of the Yoga classes offered over in the IWC. It’s a great way to relax, take your mind off school work, or the stresses of every day life, and a great way to meet some new people while you’re at it. You can also set some time off during the day to just relax and take a deep breath. It can help ease a cluttered mind and help you manage your impulse to grab the nearest candy bar. See, I have some good ideas once in a while!