Preventative Safe Sex Measures 

There are many tools to use to ensure that you are engaging in safe sex. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, using condoms, lube, and other toys can help enhance the experience as well as keep you safe. 


There are many different types of condoms. The most commonly known condom is an external condom that normally goes onto a penis for penetrative sex. There are also female internal condoms that go inside the vagina or anus. Make sure to always use lube while using condoms as it helps increase effectiveness and reduces the risk of breaking during intercourse. 

Dental Dams*

Dental dams can be used while engaging in oral sex. Remove the dental dam from the package (carefully!) and apply and hold over the area where the oral sex will be performed. Adding lube will help enhance the experience for the receiver. 


Did you know that there are different lubes that serve different purposes? There is! Knowing the difference between the different types of lubrication can either make–or sometimes literally break a condom or sex toy. Here’s the run down: 

  • Water based lubricants are safe for latex condoms and toys. This is the most common type found in stores. It is a thin, slippery substance that is easy to rinse off and dries the quickest. 
  • Silicone based lubricants are safe for latex condoms but are NOT SAFE for use on silicone sex toys. This is thicker than water based and lasts longer. It is the best option to use for anal sex. 
  • Oil based lubricants are NOT SAFE for latex condoms or toys, but they are good for other things. Oil based is thought of as being the “most natural” lubricant and is good for non-penetrating acts or massages–and it lasts the longest compared to water and silicone lubes. 

Sex Toys

Sex toys are a fun tool to bring into the bedroom to enhance both you and your partner’s experiences. There are tons of options out there depending on how you want to play.  

When using sex toys, make sure to clean them in between each use with soap and water. Check the instructions on the box when purchasing the toy to ensure you are cleaning it properly, especially with toys that are battery powered. 

If the toy is being used on multiple partners, depending on the type of toy a condom or dental dam will be helpful in reducing the risk of spreading STI’s between partners. 

*Available at Health Services 


Health & Wellness Services is here for you all year long to meet your safe sex needs. Stop by the WELL underneath the stairs in the IWC. We have dental dams, lube, female and regular condoms too! However you like to do it, we support it with no judgement or questions. Safe sex is consensual sex regardless of how you identify.  

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Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson graduated in 2020 with a degree in Art: I-Design. As a student, she worked with the University Marketing & Communications team as a writer and photographer. She was hired after graduation to support public health communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.