After classes went online in the spring because of COVID I didn’t know what to think. I had to accept the fact that things wouldn’t return to normal soon. I even had to think about the possibility of staying home for the fall semester. Ultimately that’s what I decided to do after I had time over the summer to think about it. Here’s what I’ve been doing so that the WSU community, my family, and friends can #CountOnMe. 

You can #CountOnMe to wear a mask

Leaving without a mask is the equivalent of leaving without your car keys because it’s something you need to get places! I always have extra masks around me so that I have them when I need it. It makes me feel safe and I know that by wearing it, it protects others. 


You can #CountOnMe to practice physical distancing 

I choose to practice physical distancing just about everywhere I go. In grocery stores and in public places it is easier to be aware of it because there are signs and cues to remind you.  But, even just with friends and family I choose physical distance.  I don’t have to give up spending time with them to be safe. I can do both. During the warmer months I enjoyed playing outdoor tennis, going on neighborhood walks, and having small bonfire get-togethers. 


You can #CountOnMe to wash my hands 

I know it sounds simple but I wash my hands as often as I did when the virus was at its peak. Although I don’t leave the house often as I did before the pandemic, I wash my hands after I walk my dog, go grocery shopping, and get gas. Keeping clean doesn’t have to be difficult. I keep hand sanitizers and wet wipes in my car in case I need them and I replace my hand soaps often in the bathroom. 


You can #CountOnMe to take health seriously 

I made my decision because I value my health. I am fortunate to have access to free testing so that if for some reason I need to get tested it is not far and is extremely convenient. Since I’ve gotten tested before, I know where the closest testing center is. It’s been helpful for me to know who I need to call and where I need to go in case I need a test quickly. 


You can #CountOnMe to check in

Like virtually everyone—I use Zoom! (bad pun right!) Not only do I use Zoom for my classes but I use Zoom and other platforms  to check in with the people I miss the most. Besides maybe exercising and eating healthy, I think checking in is the most important tool that I’ve used to remain balanced.  I’ve taught my grandpa to use Zoom, my sister and I love playing online live scattergories, I FaceTime my friends in Winona often, I use Teleparty to watch Netflix and Hulu shows, and I’m planning a virtual holiday gift exchange soon! So there’s actually a lot you can do to check in. All of these things have been good to give my mind a much needed break and to go about this with a positive attitude! 

With that said, you can #CountOnMe even from afar! I’ll be counting on you!