With the spring semester approaching, many students are planning for their return to campus. As you are packing up your bags, one thing you definitely don’t want to bring with you is COVID-19. 

To make your return in good health and hopefully virus-free, you should “lay low” these next few weeks. Getting vaccinated is the easiest and safest option to protect yourself and those around you.

How to Lay Low

Laying low is similar to a small self-imposed quarantine. When you are laying low, you’ll want to limit the interactions you have with others, the duration of those interactions, and the number of outings you take. 

This doesn’t mean you have to fully isolate–you are just reducing the number of close contacts. It’s more about being mindful of your activities and taking an extra moment to calculate the lowest risk. 

For example, order items for pick-up or delivery rather than running into the store yourself. This cuts down your risk of being exposed to COVID-19 or really any illness like a cold or flu. It’s that simple! 

3 Reasons to Lay Low 

Laying low can help reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 and spreading it to others. This is especially important when you are returning to campus or planning to meet up with loved ones. 

Protect Your Family

No one wants to get their family sick or be part of the cause of illness. 

Whether you’re laying low for your siblings or for your grandparents, you can protect the people you love by putting in a little extra thought and care into your daily activities. 

Protect Your Friends

Whether it’s your BFF from home or your college roomies–you still want to keep them & yourself safe from COVID-19 so you can continue to spend time together

Protect Your Community

Every time you move to a new environment, you bring whatever germs you had from your previous living space into your new community. This is how the virus is spread to new communities. 

Lay Low Once You Return

It is also important to lay low once you have gotten to your destination.  

Again, this means limiting the number of close contacts that you have and being extra aware of your interactions with others. 

Consider wearing a mask around for the first two weeks, set up protocols for sharing a bathroom safely, and avoid sharing your personal belongings. 

Let’s Get Set for a Great Semester

We all need to count on all of you to follow COVID-19 guidance of vaxing upmasking upbacking up, and washing up all year long, whether you are here in Winona or at home. 

Continue to stay home and get tested when you are feeling ill and self-report positive test results – we are here for you!  

Can we count on you to stay safe all year long? If yes, we can set ourselves up for a great spring semester. 

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Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson graduated in 2020 with a degree in Art: I-Design. As a student, she worked with the University Marketing & Communications team as a writer and photographer. She was hired after graduation to support public health communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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