SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK!!!! For those of you who manage to make it back safely from that glorious occasion and can read this, you obviously did not go about having spring break the right way. If you have made it back, then hopefully you did what I plan on doing. Let’s just say my bed and home-cooked food are a bad combination and from the lack of exercise, a simple sit up might make my muscles scream and tear. If you had this kind of fun or too much fun of another kind and find yourself nursing some little injuries from an overload of fun, then join me and find your way to YOGA!!!

Yoga is an easy way to get back into the swing of things and has been proven to help relieve pain from any injuries. Even the Mayo Clinic prescribes yoga as a supplementary form of treatment for reducing pain.  Yoga’s benefits don’t stop here though; it is a great way to stay fit in general as multiple levels and classes are available online, in stores, and we even hold classes at the Integrated Wellness Center at 4:00 pm!!! Yoga is even more versatile as it helps to connect the mind and body and disciplines the two to work in unison to help manage stress. So for all of you coming back to a flurry of tests, this might be a great opportunity to help calm your nerves and then hit the books just as hard as you’ll be hitting that floor in the relaxation period of yoga. That’s right, every lesson ends with a calming exercise that helps you to focus on your body and peace of mind.

So girls, break out those super comfy yoga pants for what they were meant for and guys, well, if you’ve got a pair you might just want to hold onto them so you can enjoy the wonder that are yoga pants for yourself (yoga pants are just the greatest invention– yes, they are better than sliced bread). So break out the yoga mats and get to it!!