When it comes to friends – I’ve been blessed with some of the best. It’s never been about quantity as much as quality and I admit I can be picky when I pick ’em.  We’re influenced by the attitudes and actions of those we are around most often. You get out what you put in, and your friends can literally determine the type of energy that is in your life. This Valentine’s Day, put energy and effort into your friendships. If you want to live a happier more fulfilling life, do your best to be a better friend by following this advice.

Listen– People don’t always need advice. Fixing every single situation can take a lot of time and mental energy. It’s validating to know that whatever is making your friend feel crazy isn’t insignificant. The pressure of trying a million different pieces of advice to make things right isn’t as helpful as just getting something off your chest.


Show love and appreciation– Even small gestures can have large impacts. Do you live with your friends? Make coffee in the morning so it’s ready when they get up. Does someone you know have a big test coming up? Make them an encouraging card and slip a piece of gum or candy in with the card. Shoot a text their way about something funny that reminded you of them, or bring them soup if they don’t feel well. It won’t break the bank to show people you care.


Be proud of their accomplishments– It’s okay to be competitive with friends, but be careful not to constantly try to “one up” the people you care about. If your friends do something amazing, let them have their moment AND celebrate with them!


Be positive– Nobody wants a negative Nelly around all the time. We all have bad days here and there, but personally, I really respect people who can find a silver lining on any type of day. Depressing things happen and if that is all you think about, I guarantee your days won’t be better by dwelling on it. So instead, spread some happy vibes to those you want to be happy more than anyone! 🙂


Put in quality time- Not many friendships can survive without quality time. Put down your phones and go make memories. The best memories, inside jokes, and bonding moments come from the times that you make effort to do something fun with your friends. You probably won’t remember watching Netflix for the 20th time with a friend, but you’ll remember camping trips, fun events, and trying new things together.

One of my favorite quotes is “People deserve love. You are a person.” Be a good friend and spread love to them too, because they deserve it!